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Crooked capitalism is a threat to peace. Some people reject the goal of peace and only pursue the heavily promoted value of economic status. Peace is not the goal and democracy is seen as an obstacle.

Leaders of crooked capitalism use freedom as a promotional tool to weaken communities. They want a war of all against all. The corruption of democracy, the intentional bankrupting of the community, the monopolized information, the theft of investments, the abuse of rights, constant fear-mongering, and eternal war are all pursued. We will never win the political battle for peace, democracy, and legitimate markets if we present the face of crooked capitalism to the world.

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Verry good observation 13.Nov.2003 19:54


Governments have been using this trick for many years.

The best way too keep the heat off yourself is to keep people fighting amonst them selves.
Then they don't have time to fight the real problem.