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November Fools Day

"Who is the greater fool? The fool or the fool that follows the fool?"

o b juaun canobi
I am more conviced than ever that the military is a racket.

It is appear to me the military is to enforce contracts of corporations and has little
constitutional standing since the uncivil war.

Perhaps the WWI vet had some purpose in the war to end all wars. Clearly that war was lost.

So to those who have not joined the military and are not veterans you can not blame the veterens for our problems of late either. Quite tempting as it maybe for us to blame the vets for not fighting for something more substantive for the distribution of corporate wealth; the citizen, the corporate slave of late, has not been assigning good leadership. ie, self government. Thus the power to the fools.

Well not quite. Since the supreme law of the land considers corporations as individuals and that these individuals are the people. The free speach of the individual is rendered in payment to those who can afford its cost. These corporate individuals no loyalty to the US as given by the human citizen.
What corporation has been charged with treason and executed?

So it appears the humans are wondering around being led by pieces of paper. These organizational bodies that are not really people, live and breath the federal reserve note. These organizations should not have the constituional rights of personhood, they do not return capitol to the real people of the state, and do not deserve our blood.