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Little Beirut Number Five Now Available!!!

New issue now hitting the streets of Portland! Check it out!
New issue now hitting the streets of Portland! Check it out!

Inside the new issue of Little Beirut you will find information and articles towards better networking the radical anti-authoritarian left in Portland, and towards building sustainable revolutionary culture. Information in this issue includes 'Building A Revolutionary Anarchist People Of Color Movement', 'Hysteria' (notes on backlash against feminist / survivor support organizing in Portland), interview with CBLOC (Cross Borders Labor Organizing Committee), as well as information on various collectives and organizations throughout Portland, including listings, contacts, and calender of events.

If you can't find an issue in your area, or would like some to put in your local store, coffee place, bar, restaurant, community center, union hall, etc... please contact us and we will get you some.

Also feel free to contact us with financial donations!

Love and Revolution- Little Beirut Working Group (PDX ACA)

PS go to our fundraiser this sunday at Vinnies Pizza 300 N Killingsworth $3-5 sliding scale/ We will be showing the film Underground, a documentary shot about the weather underground, WHILE they were still underground, with interviews.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxaca.org

Time? 12.Nov.2003 12:18


Please post time of Sunday's event. Some may be interested in attending!