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petrochemical nation

The united states is a nation addicted to the needle of petrochemical industry, our occupation of Iraq feeds this constant crude oil craving..
The petroleum from Iraq pumped through Halliburton finds its way to the refineries of Houston Texas where many products are formed from crude oil, from petrochemical plastics to gasoline, pesticides and pharmaceuticals used by psychiatrists to silence dissenting activists labeled paranoid..

..similar to Nazi Germany where the "mentally unfit" where forced to wear black triangles in the concentration camps..

When we discuss petroleum addiction as a problem of every American, we also recognize the various industries that profit from the petrochemical addiction. While the occupation of Iraq continues (as long as there is oil to be pumped), the lives lost by both young American soldiers and Iraqi women/children are tallied up by the CEO/execs of corporations like DuPont/Dow/Exxon/Novartis/etc.. which they balance with the increase in financial gains from so much free petroleum..

The byproducts of crude oil/petroleum feed the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry equally well. Any percieved disorder such as "road rage" (low level carbon monoxide poisoning from inhalation of combusted petroleum exhaust) has a petrochemical cure from your local psychiatrist/pharmaceutical peddler partner..

When we look at the parallels between the industrial powers of Nazi Germany and America, both had a centralized economy based on petroleum. Rockefeller, Ford, Hitler, Prescott Bush, DuPont, IG Farben and other industrial giants were trading information across the Atlantic while the so-called "War to end all Wars" was proceeding in the mass media. American heroism post WW2 masked the collusion and funding between Bush, Rockefeller and Hitler. The push for asphalt (another crude oil byproduct) paving in Germany for the "autobahn" occurred almost simultaneously with suburbanization and freeway paving here in america. According to these industrial giants, better facism than communism, and the KPD (Kommunist Partei Deutschland) was burned out of Germany after the 1933 Reichstag fire as the American left was attacked after 9/11..

We are a mobile nation dependent on the petrochemical industry for so many products, but there was always another option, though this would not have made as much money for the centralized industrialists like Rockefeller (Standard Oil, Esso, Exxon)..

Hemp can be grown and processed into biodiesel, biodegradable plastic and food on a local level. This distributes the wealth to the growers and processing can be done locally, it is harder to monopolize than petroleum. The cellulose from hemp (77 percent) is enough for most plastic products, and they can be recycled back into food for the next crop. This creates a cycle of sustainablilty where the hemp farmer can maintain themselves. no one individual will become exceptionally wealthy from hemp, but the local community will benefit and prosper from a local economy..

homepage: homepage: http://www.wizardofeyez.com/cannabis.html

hey everyone, come together 12.Nov.2003 22:31

harry j. anslinger

i can't believe nobody has a comment for this. this is it, so many serious issues all rapped into one innocent plant. think about it, HEMP could supply the world with, energy(oil, gas, electricity), plastics of all kinds, all the paper we could dream of, safer better medicene, paints and varnishes, canvas, stronger and longer lasting building materials(lumber), food(hempseed contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom), all the warmest most durable cloths we could wear, the stongest rope, and not to mention the economic aspect.
this is my cause, this should be all of our causes, save the forests, stop fossil fuels, fuck the pharmaceutical companies, clear our jails and prisions for real criminals, create a local economy, make the U.S. energy independent(think about it, why are we at war right now, why do we all cringe when we think about baby bu$h, a war for oil, a blantant attack on the environment, a corporate slave state, the patriot act(the war on terrorism = the war on drugs), god dammit i hate this all with so much passion.
all our issues are tied into one miesly fucking plant. HEMP could and will save the world, if you want it. i suggest everyone to read the book "the emperor wears no clothes" by jack herer, it can say it all a lot better than i can. But i'm here and ready, if we all focus on one thing nothing can stop us. word of mouth and individual action can actually do something we know this, so please, please reconize the the cause of all causes, marijuana is so much more than a fucking high, stop the lies, take our world back, come together

Controlling the market 13.Nov.2003 19:21

The answer

Even if hemp could solve the problem.
You still don't see the underlying problem.

Think about it , why do you think that hemp is illegal.
Simple, because it grows wild and they could not control the market.
Until you understand the root problem, you can not fix or cure the secondary problems.

The energy industry is a big market, why would they want to find a resource that they can not control.
Think about all the money that would be lost.
Why would a company or corporation shoot them selve's in the foot.
The main objective is to make money not loose money.

Another problem.
Think about the health care industry.
They give you medicine too cure the symptoms, but nothing for the cause.
Could this be the reason we have so many sick people in america.

If your car is burning oil, do you replace the muffler and think that the problem would go away.
No, you go to the root of the problem.

This is not rocket science people.
It's called common sense.

SO long that it is money that controls the market without any reguard it will continue.