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9.11 investigation

Why Fuck Iraq? Why Fuck Saudi??

The answer to the rhetorical question
The current program is to turn the entire muslim world from Morroco to Java into a dust bin-laden. This week Russia has made a deal with Israel to pump oil, Putin doesn't have to force the owner on the oil, because he's in jail. Russia has enough oil for EU, USA, and Japan for fifty years. In the meantime we turn the Middle-East muslim world into DEATH, just like we have done to Africa with Aids [ USA 1970's ]. In fifty years there will be no muslims but the oil will still be there, This holocaust will make the last one look tiny, The muslim world knows this is the plan, and if they fight it, they're terrorists
Then let them be terrorists 11.Nov.2003 18:02

Then let them be terrorists

Then let them be terrorists, and support them them in their terrorizing of those in power.

Sick thread 11.Dec.2003 00:53


You're sick, if you think oil is everything then "FUCK YOU"! ...

If America wants to make relationships with other countries according to oil and financial stuff then "FUCK America" too..

you idiots 19.Jan.2004 06:46

mongo lloyd

you frigin idiots! it's not about oil or anything else. it's just about....... don't fuck up in America, or pay the price.
We don't give a fuck about their oil. Have you ever seen America go out and CONQUER a country. NO, DUMB FUCK, we just run the riff raff out and fix it back up for those that live there. YOU FUCKIN' IDIOTS.