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Spell for renewal
So the earth is getting warmer now, this we know for sure,
And it's getting hard to find Earth, Air, Water that is pure.
The war to end all wars has come and gone but still we fight.
In some cities it's a struggle just to see the stars at night.
Our leaders sell the people out, they plunge us into debt,
Still, we haven't seen the real outcome of that yet.
Our forests are commodities, our oceans are debased,
For parking lots and shopping malls, our farms are laid to waste.
Corn doesn't grow in concrete child, or supermarket shelves,
If we believe it does, than we only fool ourselves.
Politicians talk of freedom, and of progress as ideal,
But these are simply empty words, let's talk now of the real.
Progress is deceptive if it's at expense of Earth,
Freedom is a hoax if it shackles folks from birth.
We are not in anyway independent from the planet,
Fools are all the proud, vain men who thought that they controlled and ran it.
All the greedy f#cks that still believe that all is for their sake,
I hope the Earth pulls you to sea and drowns you in her wake.
The Paean of Peace 11.Nov.2003 20:17


The Paean of Peace
With ever some wrong to be righting,
With self ever seeking for place,
The world has been striving and fighting
Since man was evolved out of space.
Bold history into dark regions
His torchlight has fearlessly cast,
He shows us tribes warring in legions,
In jungles of ages long passed.

Religion, forgetting her station,
Forgetting her birthright from God,
Set nation to warring with nation
And scattered dissension abroad.
Dear creeds have made men kill each other,
Fair faith has bred hate and despair,
And brother has battled with brother
Because of a difference in prayer.

But earth has grown wiser and kinder,
For man is evolving a soul:
From wars of an age that was blinder,
We rise to a peace-girdled goal.
Where once men would murder in treason
And slaughter each other in hordes,
They now meet together and reason,
With thoughts for their weapons, not swords.

The brute in humanity dwindles
And lessens as time speeds along,
And the spark of Divinity kindles
And blazes up brightly and strong.
The seer can behold in the distance
The race that shall people the world -
Strong men of a godlike existence
Unarmed, and with war banners furled.

No longer the bloodthirsty savage
Man's vast spirit strength shall unfold;
And tales of red warfare and ravage
Shall seem like ghost stories of old.
For the booming of guns and the rattle
Of carnage and conflict shall cease,
And the bugle-call, leading to battle,
Shall change to a paean of peace.