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Jessica Lynch Naked

A skin magazine claimed Monday it has pictures of Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch frolicking topless with male soldiers before she went off to war.
A spokesman for the 20-year-old Army private - the subject of Sunday's TV movie on NBC that drew 14.9 million viewers - called the plan by Hustler magazine to publish the purported photos "unspeakable."

"Leave it to (Hustler publisher) Larry Flynt to do something like this," said Paul Bogaards of Alfred Knopf, publisher of "I Am A Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story," which was released Tuesday.

Ah, Larry.
Is there any news story or person in this, or the last century that isn't somehow connected to Larry Flynt?


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more character assassination 11.Nov.2003 12:30


See what happens when you speak up? It seems the time has come to discredit Ms. Lynch, who has inconveniently protested the manipulation of her story by the war-mongering machine. Time to cook up some greasy naked-lady pix!! Oh well, I guess that's better than one of those mysterious drive-by shootings or fatal car crashes that have, in defiance of the rules of statistical probability, taken the lives of several of the other soldiers who were involved in this "heroic" episode. Careful, Ms. Lynch: You're either with us or you're against us.
(Am I losing my mind & becoming one of those paranoid-schizophrenic conspiracy theorists, or is it indeed the case that the current "powers-that-be" are increasingly resorting to outrageous tactics in their efforts to maintain control? And if it is the latter, just how gullible, how brain-atrophied do they really think we are??)

all this intense media focus on Lynch...wonder why? 11.Nov.2003 13:27

i wonder?

Have you noticed that all this intense media focus on Jessica Lynch is taking on a hyper-hyped quality? First, it's this, then it's this, no!, it's this...back 'n' forth. The media is in on the GAME! This is a meant to be a major DISTRACTION to keep the Sheepeople preoccuppied as they go about their skulduggery to set us up for the next big wanny! Mark my words>>>something BIG is going to happen within next few days! Something on the scale of 9-11 or BIGGER!

yeah... 11.Nov.2003 23:35

impeachable timing

It's kind of funny that Flynt has to bring this up, and if I'm supposed to believe he bought the pictures to keep them from being published, to spare us the cheapening of our National Heroine no doubt, then why does he even have to open his trap about it, and why now? But now all of us sheeple can be distracted by trying to picture her topless which will keep us from having to hear the words coming out of her mouth about having been used as a symbol... and of course today she had to be on TV this morning, but certainly she had to skip the part about being used as a symbol and the fabrication of her story, don't want to be unpatriotic today, you know... Poor kid... out of the frying pan and into the cesspool...