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US makes 'weather control powder'

Dyn-o-mat?? That's almost a joke! But I wonder where they dumped that four TONS of powder? Who was underneath? What was in it? Don't we have laws about this?
US makes 'weather control powder'
Scientists hope to reduce the effects of hurricanes
By BBC Science's Julian Siddle

A company in the United States claims it has invented a powder that can be used to remove clouds from the sky and even stop the development of hurricanes.

They say the new product could help many areas of the world that are subject to extreme weather conditions.

The powder absorbs water from storm clouds

The Florida based company, Dyn-o-mat, used a military aircraft to drop four tonnes of its powder on to a developing storm cloud.

The cloud disappeared from radar screens, which were monitoring the experiment.

Officials from the company, which produces materials to absorb pollutants such as oil and acids, say they used a specially developed powder that absorbs large quantities of water.

'Completely safe'

The water is then turned into a gel before falling out of the sky.

The company says the gel is completely safe, bio-degradable, and breaks down in seawater - though they refuse to say exactly what is in it.

Among the applications that it envisages for the powder are clearing away clouds before sports fixtures and constraining the development hurricanes.

The company believes that a tightly controlled jet of the powder aimed at the hurricane would cut it into smaller pieces, making it far less threatening.

The US Government has already expressed interest in the new product, and the company says it could be useful worldwide.

homepage: homepage: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/1469610.stm

reminds me of genetic modification. 11.Nov.2003 09:44

this thing here

>clearing away clouds before sports fixtures<

so this is such a dire problem for all of humanity that therefore we must intentionally modify the weather?

i find that amazingly vain and troubling. so now nobody can complain about the weather they cannot control, now they have to fight for what weather they want? what, take a vote every morning? 55% want sun today? 32% wanted a hurricane? "famers today complained that urbanites in large cities were leaving them with drought conditions by always voting for sunshine"? obviously, this is not about to happen, but what concerns me here is the thinking (or complete lack of thinking) behind the invention described above.

this is a similar kind of power that genetic modification is. and likewise, it raises the very same problems. what are perfect genes/weather? who defines perfect genes/weather? who will get the power to change their genes/weather and who won't? who's to say perfect genes/weather would solve all of humanity's problems? since humans now have the power to be god with their genes/weather, how does this automatically mean this power will be used to good ends? if we can do anything we want, does that automatically mean we should? on and on...

this power to determine/control fate is probably the most important and least discussed issue there has ever been. and the very magnitude of the power it describes is probably what scares people from discussing it. but that's not an excuse. this lack of discussion is why, especially with genes, and maybe now with weather itself, humanity is just kind of wandering cluelessly into a philosophical, moral, and physical hell without realizing it. if this pattern continues, where humanity is just kinda asleep at the wheel of it's own power, where it's shoot first and deal with the PROFOUND consequences later, a private company WILL generate a perfect human genome, thinking they have done a great thing for mankind. but by that point, the cat's already out of the bag and it's too late. run for cover, because by that point, the extremes on both sides of the issue will have their bombs and assassination plots ready to go...

so maybe we should talk about it before hand? before some secret, proprietary decision in a corporate boardroom full of twelve people beats all of humanity to it? come to some kind of literally GLOBAL consensus or agreement or mandate? and not just in america, but in every place there is a human/in every place where it rains?

Chemtrails anyone? 11.Nov.2003 10:58

scary skies

The bit about the powder combining with atmospheric water vapor to form a gel ties in directly to many reports of a gel like substance following intense local chemtrail sightings. The question then arises; Is this the same substance used in chemtrails and what is the actual purpose for its deployment.

Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack did a story on an incident which occurred in the small Washington town of Oakville in 1994 when the town was covered with droplets of a gel-like substance which caused widespread illness.

a gel like substance 11.Nov.2003 11:36


Someone should - at the very least - figure out how to keep and preserve the substance, if they see it again.

In the story linked to in the comment above, they say all samples of the gel are gone now - why? That seems ridiculous if it was indeed unsolved.

The evidence should be protected for when this eventually comes out, maybe in 30 years. That could form the basis of a class action suit.

MENTAL MIDGETS 11.Nov.2003 16:16


Fucking great, lovely.
Keep it coming, what else can they can do?

HAARP 11.Nov.2003 23:52


If you think this is scary, so some research into HAARP! This is a multi-billion dollar super-magnet being completed in Alaska for the purpose of super-heating the ionosphere and drilling temporary holes in it. While the government claims it is being built to better understand the atmosphere, it has been funded entirely by the department of defense. Since the ionosphere is what makes global communication possible by allowing radiowaves to bounce off of it and be disseminated, disruption of the ionosphere can create both power and communication blackouts in targeted regions...very useful stuff if people were ever to rise up against the U.S. or, heaven-forbid, sieze control of the media.
However, in addition to power and communications blackouts, disruption of the ionosphere can also create storms, droughts, hurricanes, flash floods, and so on. Recently, multiple perfectly round rain storms were seen on weather maps in the midwest. This never happens in nature. It seems the department of defense is attempting to gain control of mother nature for use against the world's population in World War III. I know this sounds like a sci-fi horror story, but HAARP is very real and virtually completed. The last I checked, the Union for Concerned Scientists had a lot of in-depth information about it in their website. Be forewarned, it may cause nightmares.