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i'm "white" but i am still an american native..

this is just my rambling. im just talking about race, and how i feel excluded from all cultures because traditionally cultures are based on race. and so forth.
so i love hearing about native struggles.. i wish they could win.. but i seriously doubt that the (pre)american nations will survive intact.. parts of them will survive, but most likely they will just be assimilated, it is assimilation or death you know...

anywho.. all of the european tribes are gone now.. they are all just part of the giant mesh that is called civilization, the lumbering behemoth of rome spread the plague of civilization to germany and beyond... and so my peoples were crushed.. nearly 2millenia before the (native americans) were... the germans and the celts and the nordics have all forgotten by now, because now they are the diseased one.. they are lumbering on and infecting the next culture.. the next uber-culture will be led by whoever catches the fever.

my point is this, i dont have much of a point.. i just wanted to post this..

im irish/welsh/english/prussian (for the most part...), that means:
*Irish: multiple celtic (and minor nordic/germanic) tribes that mixed and became the peoples of what is today called ireland
*Welsh: more celtic tribes (minorly germanic and nordic) that became what is today called wales.
*English: the anglos and saxxons, mainland west germanic peoples who both settled the british isles, whose cultures melted into what became "english", who were then conquered in 1066 by the normans, thereby adding major french influence.
*Prussian: a random assortment of east germanic tribes that became prussia (east germany).
and that is just a basic, and quite pathetic overview... main point, i have no major cultural influence. (So basically. i must give in to media whitewashing?)

anyway... this has no point.. just to say that i have no home but cascadia. and no culture but the one i make for myself.

what i love is that the national socialist party in hitlers germany wanted people to stay in thier "place of origin" citing flawed evolutionary theory, because obviously things dont ever migrate. Anywho, so the concept of race being tied to a specific region is nothing but hilarious. A culture goes with a people goes with a place, that is what we are taught. So what happens then when a mutt (no specific race) is transplanted into foreign land (a place that he is not "from") and is robbed of any discernable place in culture?... i suppose you get a person like me..

anyway, i have come to this conclusion (and only a half formed one at that): because america is so varied, it is infact a "melting pot" and this is both good and bad.. its is good because now we have the opportunity to get mixed cultures (which is good for a time, but after a while things will start to diversify again, after they are all mixed (all things being a microcosm of the whole, in an endless cycle of diversifying and then interacting and mixing, repeat)), but bad because this thing will tend towards a super culture(ONE super culture, which would rob people of the ability to choose for themsleves how they wished to live, we call this facism). Unless people realise that their culture is still their own, that there culture is how they live their life with their immediate friends/family/community, people will be led to this dream of culture that america gives us, this dream of work and money and american comformity, this supposed joyful expieriance. they need to realise that there community is not what interent group they think they belong to, but the people of their immediate community.. anyway... point being this:

the "melting pot" can only exist as long as there are other cultures to throw into the super culture, but once the super culture has assimilated everything, it will break down and start to fragment once more.. . after all, what happens after something melts? it burns (well.. depending on the substance thats not always true... but whatever, this typing really isnt even needed). so things will diversifiy, but only when enough people start to feel the need to take an active role in their own culture. This sort of behaviour can be seen in all subcultures, people seeking to gain some form of control over who they are, but the structure co-opts those as well, (as they are only sub cultures, merely different catagories of workers) . But the same thing is happening with sub-cultures as happend with cultures in the begining of america (and long before that, but still), they are being thrown into the melting pot to add a little bit of temporary diversity to the super culture. (this can be seen with things such as "fashion" which is really just the culture randomly shifting ideals so that some people are pleased, then there is a backlash so that other people can be pleased, then there is another back lash to that backlash, so that still more people can be pleased (who werent in the first place...) and on and on)

again, my point is this:
there can be no autonomy in a super system. there can be no freedom in a superstate. No one ever granted you freedom, people inherantly have that, people can however attempt to restrain others freedoms... anywho

so basically: i have no culture but the one i make for myself (fashioning it out of the many thousands of different ones assimilated by the superstate). Anyone who bases their culture off of race probably doesnt know much about history (or has a very flawed view of said "history", as all history is propoganda). fashion is hilarious.

and one last thing, this against white pride movements: i dont know if im "pure" enough to be part of white pride movements, but i find it hilarious that people that are "100%" german, or english, or whatever, think that means anything. again, looking at english history even, the earliest english peoples were a COMBINATION OF TWO SEPERATE (basic tribal variations... there were actually more than two tribes), so no matter what the first "english" were mixed race, then you throw in the obvious celtic interaction when they moved to the british isles, then the norman (french) invasion of 1066, then the fact that undoubtably they would have also had countless other germanic/celtic/nordic and maybe slavik/italic/other european tribal influences into hte genepool... just makes me wonder: what the fuck do they mean by pure? thats NO MATTER WHAT celtic, germanic, nordic.. and there are some pretty big sub divisions just within those groups as well... so whatever, main point on white pride: learn some fucking history, race isnt the key...

its just general power and wealth, its not the jews who are exploiting you its whoever the fuck is in power, its not based on race/religeoun/whatever... its just WHOEVER THE FUCK IS ENSLAVEING YOU at this moment, it could be anyone, and right now it seems to be alot of anglos to me...

anywho, i just dont like white pride, because it is stupid, and i wish white pride people would fight the real enemy, (that meaning dont work, read "the abolition of work" by bob black... also, just think about it, what does your working for "the man" do, well.. you for one are the person who is makeing the road/bomb/whatever.. so if you didnt work?.. anyway, yes someone could take your place, but that doesnt matter.) anywho, im sure they'de(white pride enthusiasts) say the same thing, but mostly white pride is about facism anyway, its about supporting the superculture... so fuck them on that level, because theyre just facists trying to trick people into fighting for them... its still the rich! hah im right! the rich using race, using religeoun! devide and conquer! you can just pay half of the poor to kill the other half! divide and conquer! so yes, power hungry authoritarians just rally armies to fight for them by calling on a common goal, yay for them! and unless that goal is to bring down every factory, so that no oppressive dictator can ever rise again... then, that person most likely just wants power for themselves... the bolshiviks come to mind.

but whatever, this has trasformed into my poorly spelled ramblings once more... bah, it is nighttime once again.

"the society that abolishes every adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure."
-situationist saying
You said it yourself... 17.Feb.2004 00:31


You both understand, and yet do not understand the white pride movement. You know that 'diversity' will lead to just the opposite, one "super culture" or whatever the resulting mess is of all this mixing of culture. Yet, it seems that you do not agree with keeping cultural purity. Culture is based on race, and every race should keep itself seperate and free of foreign influence, not just whites, but all cultures. Just because you do not have a culture to call your own (even though you listed several fine ones in your lineage), do not attempt to rob me of my pride. White people have proven their supremacy. Look at Europe, and look at Africa, enough said.