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Korea led by brilliant commander of Baekdu always triumphs

Message sent to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) by the National Democratic Front of South Korea Pyongyang Mission. Comrade Alejadro Cao de Benos, is the
Special Delegate -DPRK Government
President of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA)
Delegate Counselor of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK).

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Long Live the Leader who places the Gun before the Hammer and Sickle!!!
Long Live the Leader who places the Gun before the Hammer and Sickle!!!
Korea led by brilliant commander of Baekdu always triumphs

By Alejandro Cao de Benos, Chairman of the Korean Friendship Association
( The Korean Friendship Association can be found at :


Source: July 2003 issue of "News Report" of the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang

It is really worthwhile and proud to write on Korea which holds Marshal Kim Jong Il, sun of our era, the 21st century, because it is a brilliant beacon of independence and justice and a stronghold of the anti-imperialist front.
I have raised the voice of support and solidarity to the cause of Korea's independent reunification, peace and prosperity for many years.
So I have been paying great attention to the events and the situation developed in Korea.
The situation on the Korean Peninsula causes serious apprehension among the world progressives due to the reckless moves of isolating and stifling north Korea by the world reactionaries headed by the US in recent years.
The Bush team spawned the "nuclear problem" of Korea and extremely strained the situation by the high-handed and pressuring attitude clamoring for "an axis of evil", "a preemptive attack" and "blockade", and now is fastening the ring of isolation and besiegement against north Korea internationally through the UNSC.
Many political analysts and media say that Bush is pressurizing north Korea with the "tactics of the strongest whip".
Nevertheless, it is, as Jean Francoise Hegel, academician of the French Language Academy wrote in a book, no more than a desperate attempt of "America brimful with all sorts of evil known since the dawn of history", the "evil empire returning to the barbarous times of jungle and abandoning to be human".
If so, who does defeat whom?
Assuredly Korea is defeating the US.
I would like to talk of it in this article I write on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 International Solidarity Month.

With the all-powerful treasured sword of Songun

Korea is driving the US to ruin by dint of the Songun politics, an all-mighty treasured sword.
The Songun politics which Marshal Kim Jong Il, excellent commander of our era created by inheriting and developing the Songun idea of the respected President Kim Il Sung, is a leadership mode of revolution and a mode of socialist politics that give priority to the military affair on the other state affairs, defend the homeland, revolution and socialism and dynamically advance the overall social construction in reliance on the revolutionary mettle and the military strength of the People's Army.
Just by dint of the great Songun politics, Korea wields its fame as a political and military power which safeguards the independence and dignity of the country and the nation.
The secret of Korea's sure victory in the political and military showdown with the US, a "superpower", lays in the perfect unity of all the people, the oneness of the army and people and the strong political and military strength based on the former, which were further consolidated by the Songun politics and the revolutionary strategy of Songun pursued by Marshal Kim Jong Il.
The spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the revolutionary do-or-die spirit and the strong war deterrent force of the Korean people is dealing a violent political and military pressure to the US as an ultra toughness to defeat it by all means.
The Songun might is pummeling the US fiercely now as in the past.
The US is frightened by the pummeling might of the Songun strategy; the declaration of resuming the operation of the nuclear facilities, total withdrawal from the NPT, tough stance of the Korean delegation in the Beijing talks, the closest intercepting flight and warning of the KPA's aircraft against a USA reconnaissance plane on north Korea, the tough measure of Korea as regards the detention and search on a Korean ship loaded with some missile parts and the immediate release of the ship by the US, the announcement of the completion of the strong war deterrent force in Korea, its claiming of the need of the completion of a nuclear deterrent force, the ultra tough position providing against the attempts of the encirclement and sanctions by the UNSC, etc, in recent months.
The media carried the news flash under the title "North Korea flails the US with a wonderful strong political and military offensive nowadays" ("Yon-hab News", south Korea) and "Korea is strangling the US"(the US newspaper "New York Times").
A comment of "Huanqiu Shibao" of China is more interesting. It said; "The US, styling itself as the strongest military power in the world is bewildered, not able to offer even a plausible countermeasure. What's the reason?
The analysts consider that that is because the US is much apprehensive of the unimaginable consequences, not for it has no plan to use the force.
In reality, if the US uses the force against north Korea, it is imperative for it to encounter a million-strong army of Korea and Korea can destroy Seoul within a few hours with its modern missiles and 10,000-odd guns.
And the 37,000 US troops stationed in south Korea would be in the range of the Korean gunfire.
Some five decades ago, the US and Korea fought in a war.
In the 3 year-war, 50,000 US troops and hundreds of thousands of <UN soldiers> were killed <ruefully> and the veterans survived till today fear even to recollect the Korean War theater at that time."
This is the magic might of the Songun strategy of Korea with long traditions.
Thanks to the Songun strategy of Marshal Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Baekdu the sovereignty and dignity of Korea are firmly safeguarded, the stability of the Korean Peninsula is guaranteed and furthermore, the security of North East Asia and the world is ensured.
The strong political and military pressure of Songun of Korea, exerted on the US, humiliates the status of the "superpower" of the US and is digging deep a hole of rupture in the center of the US neo-conservative military strategy and unilateral strategy of the world hegemony.
Were not for the revolutionary Songun leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Il, today all the humanity could not but undergo a misfortune of losing the sovereignty under the modern imperialist system where the US unilateral domination prevails.
In that sense, the Korea's tough offensive against the US is a confrontation between Korea and the US, and at the same time, it is a vehement anti-imperialist struggle single-handed against the world imperialist system led by the US, bringing about a record-breaking event that a small country overwhelms a big one in political, diplomatic and military terms, another epoch-making victory and an upheaval following the July 27 victory.
It's indeed, admirable and grateful.
The Songun politics of great Marshal Kim Jong Il and its brilliant fruition command the praise throughout the world.
The Russian newspaper "Patriot" wrote: "Assuredly, the US miscalculated, and in result it suffered the disgrace internationally. Bush had to understand that the armed forces of north Korea is one of the most militant armed forces and its defense capability is strengthened further by the Songun politics of comrade Kim Jong Il.
He also had to consider that a military encounter with the north would result in an inevitable ruin of the aggressors.
It is obvious that the war-hawks in Washington would recognize it and despair even it's late.
The Korean leadership manifested how the countries valuing the sovereignty and independence squelch the dreamers of the world hegemony and they have means to do so."
Great Marshal Kim Jong Il is a modern "military Lord" and a brilliant sun of the Songun politics who enjoys the highest respect of the progressive mankind today.

By virtue of the national cooperation

Korea is hitting hard the US, a stumbling block in the way of Korea's reunification and the biggest evil of a nuclear war by virtue of the national cooperation.
Great Marshal Kim Jong Il, the excellent strategist of our time performed a historic feat to arrange the tremendous potential power of the national cooperation in a bid to maximize the strength of Korea in the Korea-US showdown.
Marshal Kim Jong Il who regards the respected President Kim Il Sung's idea of the great unity of the nation as an all-mighty treasured sword for solving the Korea's reunification cause, managed to have the June 15 joint declaration come to being and set forth the premise "By our nation itself".
95.7 % of the south Korean people supported the declaration.
I dare claim that the premise "By our nation itself" is another original ideal based on the immortal Juche idea, great guidelines of our times, and of fundamental significance in solving the problems of different countries, regions and nations of the world.
When solving all problems by the concerted efforts of the masters without any interference from the outsiders, the end would be admirable.
"By our nation itself", a charter of the national unity succeeded in realizing the national cooperation, unity of the south and north Korean people.
The south Korean people are claiming: "obvious is the way to frustrate the aggressive plots of the imperialists. Joining hands of the south and north can prevent the national catastrophe.
The cooperation between south Korea and the US is the way to war and slavery and the national cooperation is the way to independence, peace and great national unity.
Let us smash the nuclear war moves of the US by all means through the unity of the whole nation.(quoted by "Min-jok Tong-sin", south Korea). This is of a great meaning for it manifests the might of the national cooperation.
The south and north Korean people are unremittingly waging the works of reconciliation, unity, cooperation and exchange between south and north Korea by dint of the national cooperation despite of the continuous brazen-faced intervention and obstruction of the US.
And some time ago, ceremonies to relink the railways in the eastern and western coasts of Korea. How great its significance is.
The national cooperation of the Korean people is the might which checks and foils the nuclear war moves of the Bush team against north Korea.
In tune with the anti-US, anti-war struggle volition of the north Korean people, the south Korea compatriots are energetically waging the anti-US, anti-war struggle, considering the US, not the north, as their principal enemy.
More than 90 % of the south Korean people detest the US and nearly 80 % of them demand the pullout of the US troops, source of the aggressive war against north Korea.
The south Korean media commented that an era of the massiveness of the anti-US movement has already emerged.
The anti-Americanism of the south Korean people is thereupon, manifested as a strength defending north Korea and foiling the US moves to isolate and stifle the north.
The south Korean people are supporting the Songun politics of north Korea contending that Pyongyang has the master key of solving the "nuclear issue" as far as there is Marshal Kim Jong Il possessed of the military strategy and commandership capable of paralyzing the war execution capabilities of the US in a moment and the high-degreed strategy toward the US (as quoted by the south Korean magazine "Jugan Hanguk").
They are expressing full support to the north's stance in regard to the "nuclear issue" and proud of the nukes if the north possesses them because they are the "strong deterrent force for the existence of the nation" and the "national assets", claiming that the north's nukes accelerate the reunification.
They also consider with pride that the Songun politics of great Marshal Kim Jong Il is a guardian deity of the nation which protects both the south and the north.
As the south Korean media warned "in case the US pursues ultra-tough measures with its strategic consideration, in disregard of the life and security of the people in the Korean Peninsula it will encounter a vehement resistance and condemnations of the Korean people who stake their lives for the existence"(as quoted by the south Korean daily "Hankyoreh").
The south Korean people's rejection to the dangerous nuclear war plots of the US against the north is really strong.
The reason that the US moves to isolate and stifle the north get further enervated is in real sense due to the wedge of rupture stricken deep in the center of the US hard-line policy toward north Korea by virtue of the national cooperation of the south and the north which great Marshal Kim Jong Il managed through the June 15 joint declaration.
As long as the sure-victorious might of the national cooperation and the united force of the 70 million Korean people, the defeat of the US is as clear as noon day.

By force of the world solidarity, too

Great Marshal Kim Jong Il, an excellent leader of our times arranged the international forces of solidarity and support by actively conducting the independent diplomatic activities in a bid to gain the decisive victory in the Korea-US confrontation.
Although the principal force plays the main and decisive role in the revolution , of course, the international assistant forces of support and solidarity also assume an important role in its victory or defeat.
Great Marshal Kim Il Sung devoted all his soul and efforts ideo-theoretically and practically to justice, peace, progress and prosperity and the accomplishment of the independence cause of the world mankind since early date.
The true mind-set of the entire mankind today is that "there is no one who will lead the new century other than comrade Kim Jong Il" and "the fate of the world depends wholly on great leader comrade Kim Jong Il".
The authority and prestige of Marshal Kim Jong Il as a peerless great man and support to his cause are unprecedented in history.
To fully support his just politics and leadership of Songun forms the trend of the world today.
Today the trend of the pro-Korea anti-Americanism is vigorously flowing.
Its typical expression finds itself in the fact that during the 5 months last year, the second anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration, some 130 million people in 60-odd countries signed their names in support to the June 15 inter-Korean joint declaration and in rejection to the US war policy against the north.
Thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Il who dynamically developed the external relations by the independent diplomatic policy, a dozen countries in Europe established diplomatic ties with north Korea in recent years, rejecting the US pressure.
This eloquently proves that the independent diplomatic policy of north Korea gets more influence and the US plots to isolate the north on the other hand get weakened in the international arena.
It's true that rather the US is in a diplomatic isolation in respect to the international relations with north Korea.
It is not fortuitous that a Chinese commentary magazine wrote; "There is no country among the American allies which supports the US hard-line policy toward north Korea".
I who have steadily conducted for several years the solidarity activities cherishing in mind the ardent worship for great Marshal Kim Jong Il and the warm affection for the Korean people led by him, cannot restrain the delight imagining the unseemly look of the US trembling before the sure-victorious might of Korea.
At the same time, I make up my mind to more actively conduct the solidarity actions for the Korean people.
Long live the Songun politics of great Marshal Kim Jong Il!
Victory, peace, reunification and prosperity to the Korean people!
DPRK Reality in Yodok, Kaechon, Haengyong Kwan-Li-So (Concentration Camps) 21.Nov.2003 01:34


The sad reality in the DPRK is horrible prison camps, like Nazi German concentration camps and Soviet GULags.
Detailed information about the Kwan-Li-So can be found on this site:

How can a leader who is responsible for such atrocities be called brilliant? Kim Jong Il indeed places the Gun before the Hammer and Sickle. He cares about his personal power and lets helpless North Korean people starve and suffer. What is brilliant about this?

Everyone who supports Songun or Juche or the DPRK should read the HRNK report first. And then ask yourself: Do you really want to support these atrocities?

The DPRK officially denies the existence of the Kwan-Li-So. In case you believe this, ask yourself: Why then did the DPRK never allow the United Nations or Amnesty International to visit the Kwan-Li-So locations?