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El Nino Returns

Earlier this year, the story was that El Nino would not be back this year, and now unexpectedly, El Nino has reappeared.


The graphic above shows the reappearance of El Nino. The graphic is the warm water anomoly graph for Nov. 8th, 2003. El Nino is visible as a red triangular patch off the West Coast of South America.


The graphic above shows the current extent of drought in the United States, with the dark red areas being extreme drought and the black patches being exceptional drought, while the shades of yellow to brown indicate 'drought' to 'severe drought'.

The effects of El Nino usually result in more drought in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada, including such regions as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. In the Southern most regions of the Southwestern United States it is typical for El Nino to bring more precipitation, while the effects are ambiguous in the central western area of the United States.


Global Temperature change

The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, one of the major greenhouse gases has increased by about one third, and while controversy continues to rage about 'natural global warming', it is ridiculous to suggest that greenhouse gas can increase at this rate without increasing the greenhouse effect (this position is illogical and contradictory). The rapid increase in world temperatures corresponds to an increase in the rapidity of the El Nino phenomena, corresponding to the sharp rise in the graph over the last few decades (hardly a coincidence).

Since the 1970s the pattern of El Nino oscillations have become more frequent (9 El Ninos, occuring on average every 2.2 years) while the opposite phenomena, La Nina, which cools the water in the region, has only occured once (it used to be that there were equal numbers of El Ninos and La Ninas, which is why the phenomena was referred to as the southern Oscillation in the past, but due to what can only be global warming, the frequency of El Nino has increased (now coming every two years instead of the average rate of 7 years in the past) and the La Nina phenomena is has almost disappeared, which means that the souther oscillation is no longer an oscillation. The period from the mid 1970s to the present time is unlike any other period in history in this regard, and thus is of great interest to scientists. This corresponds to a rise in global temperatures of half a degree in the last three decades, and is an indication of how astonishly sensitive the global climate is to even small alterations. Just a tiny change of temperature in a tiny patch of ocean (the El Nino warming) causes patterns of droughts and flooding in different places all over the world. It really is remarkable phenomena, and the frequency has increased in the last 30 years while la Nina has disappeared, all of this due to one half a degree in global temperature change.

El Nino could bring some drought relief, to the Southern part of California and Southern Nevada and Southern New Mexico, while worsening drought in the North West and Western Canada. El Nino is also known to cause droughts in Australia and in sometimes in Southern Africa, and also has been known to cause dryness and forest fires in the Amazon, destroying rain forest every couple of years, hardly something the planet needs at the present time. A constantly returning El Nino is also bad news for the forests in the North Western United States. already suffering from a drought that first began to develop in 1996 and has grown steadily worse ever since...

Global Warming and Climate Change - connecting the dots 11.Nov.2003 00:27


A collection of links to some stories I have been posting in the recent past, gathered together, which describe changes taking place in the climate around the world. Any one of these stories might not seem significant, but taken together they indicate that weather patterns are being disturbed and are changing around the globe, with the greatest changes taking place over the last three decades, and the rate of change has been accelerating in the last decade.

Global Warming - Climate Change Links

El Nino Returns

Just a month ago scientists were saying that there would be no El Nino this year, and now suddenly, El Nino has unexpectedly returned.

Climate Change in the Bible

A study of the ancient record preserved in the Bible shows that the phenomenon of Jewish Prophecy arose in response to climate change caused by environmental destruction, in particular the clear cutting of the ancient forests, which resulted in the arid and semi-arid desert conditions in the Middle East, which persist to this very day.

Melting ice cap, melting glaciers (disappearing rivers and lakes)

Over the next few decades glaciers which feed rivers and lakes will disappear, and so will those rivers and lakes. The Great Lakes dropped another foot over the last year, while barges are running with only half loads on the Mississippi to avoid scraping bottom. As well the Arctic ice cap is now receding at a rate twenty times faster than in the previous century..

California Republicans demand no taxes, speedy fire service

Video of the San Diego fires.

A Plague of Locusts

Rainfall has been increasing and breaking previous records on the Sahel, which borders the Southern Sahara, since mid 1990s. This years rains flooded parts of the region and led to a large harvest, setting the stage for a plague of the dreaded North African Locust. At its worst, a plague of these locusts can cover one fifth of the earth, and affect the food security of one tenth of the world's population. Just last year the locusts crossed the Mediterranean and attacked vine yards and the famous tomatoe fields of Italy.

The Genocidal Mentality, Pt. 1: The 'Free Market' as Genocidal Ideology

While the main topic of this page is not climate change, it does include a section discussing modern Ecocide as an expression of the Genocidal mentality (which is now targeting other species, and will lead to a wave of mass extinctions in the next couple of decades, affecting at a minimum, tens of thousands of species.)

Climate conference becomes a disaster - Kyoto up in smoke?

Putin meets with Bush at his ranch, and then heads home to announce that Russia will not be signing the Kyoto accord. Coincidence?

Largest Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up

A spiritual revolution - a manifesto

While not a page exclusively dealing with climate change, there is some discussion of the reaction of the religious right in the United States to the phenomena (they are mystifying the cause and blaming it on the Palestinians and what they label lack of U.S. support for Israel).

Global Warming and the potential water crisis

As glaciers melt away, and rivers and lakes dry up, and the Western United States is in danger of turning into a perpetual desert, it turns out that the North American continent also has a depleted ground water crisis.

Antarctic ozone hole sets record

Sudden Climate Change is the historical norm

One of the criticism aimed at modern climate change modeling computer software is that these systems model climate change as taking place gradually over an extended period of time, when the historical record indicates that climate change takes place suddenly, with an exponential rate of increasing change, once a critical threshold has been crossed.

Sahara storm system threatens Africa with famine

As torrential rains poured down on the Southern Desert region of the Sahara, rivers were carrying eight times as much water as normal, and were within one inch of bursting their banks. And then another huge storm system began brewing, which would have destroyed irrigation supported subsistence agriculture which is the lifeblood of millions of people in the region.

Changing Climate on the Sahara brings flooding in countries along Southern Border

Increasing rainfall is bringing about the retreat of the Sahara desert, and the transitional period is bringing increasing rains every year, and in 2003 brought severe flooding.

Related story : Africa's desert's are in retreat - according to New Scientist magazine

Global Warming is good for you (unless you are an American)

I have been doing some research on climate history, and my research has taken me to the 'advocates' of Global Warming, who paint a rosy scenario of Global Climate Change. A change of only a degree or two takes us back in time about 8,000 years, when things were much better for much of the third world, even if it is bad news for Americans. A parody of these rosy scenarios...

Drought Watch, September 2003 - The Unhealthy Forests Initiative

As you can tell by looking at the graphic images, the sudden interest of the White House in 'healthy forests' is due to the fact that you have an unhealthy forest problem, and the White House knows this, which is why they are suddenly so interested in trees.

Sahara desert moves north into Europe - the heat wave of 2003


rapid climate change 11.Nov.2003 00:38


the historical record indicates that climate 'flips' suddenly once a critical threshold has been reached. The sudden change in the El Nino pattern in the last couple of decades (it now comes every two years instead of every seven, while the La Nina phenomenon has disappared), the rapidly increasing rains and retreat of the Sahara, the ice cap retreating at twenty times its previous rate, the rapid disintegration of glaciers, the drought that has spreading over the United States since the late 1990s, the record breaking heat waves of the 1990s, and the record breaking temperatures in the American west this October, 2003, all of these conccurent changes, which are increasing in speed, indicate that one of these critical threshold events is either approaching, or is already under way. What this means is that the comforting fiction of climate computers which states that people have fifty or a hundred years is more than likely going to prove to be false. As well the change in the El Nino pattern shows just how sensitive the global climate is to even small changes, and it could be the case the climate software is also dull and insensitive, and changes will be much more abrupt, shocking, and rapid than any one ever suspected would be the case.