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Urgent plea for funds for Bolivia Indymedia Center

Indymedia-Boliva, after less than one year of operation is now embarking on another project. They are setting up operations in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with plans to work with Indymedia-Rosario, Argentina, to set up live radio broadcasts for an Alternative Summit which will be running concurrent with the annual Ibero-American Summit -- where heads of state from Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations gather -- these events will be taking place in Santa Cruz Bolivia this November 14,15 and 16th !!! SOON.

Local Portland collective has quickly moved to support an urgent plea from Indymedia-Boliva for funds, by scraping together $120 dollars. We just sent them $100 dollars today, November 10th. Personally we are asking for $65 dollars to reimburse one of our members, beyond that we are asking to raise as much possible to send to Bolivia -- Pronto / Quick !!!

Our collective "El Filo de la Frontera" or "The Border's Edge" will be working with them to produce bilingual radio programs generated from their interviews and broadcasts.
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