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PGE Runs Expensive Full Page Oregonian Ad

Two interesting PGE / PUD-related items appeared in this morning's Oregonian. The first is an odious, folksy and expensive full page ad taken out by PGE "employees" (read: PGE) to "thank you for your support on election day." The second is another editorial by Steve Duin, taking PGE Prez Peggy Fowler to task.

First of all, the jobs of PGE employees were never at risk. Oregon law requires that a P.U.D. offer continued employment to current PGE employees; it was only option on the table that guaranteed continued employment at current wages and benefits. Foolish PGE employees who voted against the P.U.D. are now vulnerable to manipulation by whatever corporation buys the assets of Enron (of which PGE is one), currently being sorted out by the courts. However I suppose we cannot be too hard on these employees, as I am sure the pressure to campaign on behalf of their employer was enormous and constant.

Rather than paying big bucks to campaign against the best interests of the community and buy expensive, full-page advertising to rub it in, why doesn't PGE take the money and either reinvest it in the community, lower utility rates, or use it to pay back some of the money owed to Oregonians over the Trojan debacle?
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