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Today's all too predictable terror bombing in Saudi Arabia has all the hallmarks of an American CIA sponsored terrorist act. Also, don't be surprised if the Israeli Mossad had a hand in this terror act also. Note that the vast majority of victims were not American but ARABS. And no, this is NOT a wild conspiracy theory. This is straight out of the "Clean Break" gameplan of Washington and Tel Aviv. The goal is to destabilize Saudi Arabia and eventually pave the way for a war to enable an American seizure of that nations oil.

Explosions rock Saudi capital
Report: At least 100 killed or injured
Saturday, November 8, 2003 Posted: 7:21 PM EST (0021 GMT)

(CNN) -- Three loud explosions rocked an affluent residential neighborhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday, one day after the U.S. Embassy announced it would close temporarily over concerns of rising terror threats.

As many as 28 people were killed and 100 wounded -- many of them children -- in the compound where the blasts were centered, diplomatic sources told journalists.

At least two dozen ambulances rushed to the Al-Muhaya compound -- villas housing several hundred residents -- where a large plume of smoke was seen, journalists said.

No U.S. government officials live in the compound -- which lies about three miles from the U.S. Embassy in western Riyadh. The State Department does not believe any Americans were involved, sources said.

Hanadi Fundouqli, manager of the Al-Muhaya compound, said all but four of the residents are Arabs. The four are from Italy, Germany, and France, she said.

Saudi business sources told CNN the compound was about a mile from the homes of several top members of Saudi Arabia's ruling family.

The explosions happened at a time when many of the adult residents were away from their homes because of the Ramadan observances, leaving a large number of children in the compound, Fundouqli said.

Raid Qusti, Riyadh bureau chief for the Arab News daily newspaper, said he heard the blast, then ambulance and police sirens. He added that witnesses reported hearing gunfire before the explosion.

The blasts ripped through a complex housing mainly Arabs.
The U.S. Embassy and consulates in Saudi Arabia said Friday that they would be closed Saturday to at least Monday because of concerns that terrorists were planning an attack in the kingdom.

An advisory released Friday by the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh said the embassy "continues to receive credible information that terrorists in Saudi Arabia have moved from the planning to operational phase of planned attacks in the kingdom."

Before the explosion Saturday, the British Embassy in Bahrain warned its personnel of the threat of a terror attack. Bahrain is an island nation in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. State Department's closures affect the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh and consulates in Jeddah and Dhahran.

Saturday and Sunday are regular work days in Saudi Arabia.

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yes, I know all about it.... 08.Nov.2003 17:26


kindly refer to the large posting on page 387 entitled "NEW US ATTACT ABOUT TO HAPPEN?" that I posted at end of thread at 17:08....there is more to follow...much more, trust me! The tick, tock of the Cosmic Clock is rather loud NOW, is it not?

More Links for the Sheeple 08.Nov.2003 17:48


For those of you who still believe the official lie that today's terrorist attack was the result of "terrorists who hate our freedoms," here are some more links to make you question the Big Lie:

-"New US Attack about to Happen?" [Reports of massive US military movements in Europe in Preparation for...]

-"The Current Strategic Agenda of the United States" [Note the sections "Targeting Saudi Arabia," "The US as agent provocateur," and "Israel to play key role"]

-"Saudi Arabia, West Africa -- Next Stops in the Infinite War for Oil "

-"Saudi Arabia: The Sarajevo of the 21st Century"

-"Cheney Behind NewMideast War Drive: Return of `Clean Break'"

Yes, I know all about it too 08.Nov.2003 17:51


I just forgot to tell you about it. Hail to me anyway.

I wonder... 08.Nov.2003 19:01

Dump yer Airline Stocks, Quick

...where Homeland CIA is planning on crashing the "cargo" plane?

This is how it starts .. . 08.Nov.2003 22:26


The rush is on now to get in there . . . Ruppert has been talking about it more and more, and bizarre instances of people and publications on the left have been attacking the Saudis recently, one example being this disinfo campaign of the CBC show on 9/11 - the whole thing is a set-up to declare that 'the Saudis did it.' And Michael Moore also puts a LOT of emphasis on the Saudis - why? What do we gain by bringing them down? Everything. Enough to pay for Iraq and then some. Was Iraq the staging ground for the prize in SA?

Hmmm.... 10.Nov.2003 13:06


I posted this to PDX indymedia on Nov 7 2003:

Saudi Arabia in US Sights?

<<I first read about the reported mass movement of US warplanes over Scotland here:  http://global-elite.org/ on Nov 05 2003. I was informed today that there was a posting and thread covering this story here on pdx indymedia that started on Nov 03 2003.

An interesting development today has been the widespread reports of the US removing diplomatic personnel from Saudi Arabia, because of perceived "threats of terrorism" (  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/3212769.stm)

Mike Ruppert of  http://fromthewilderness.com reported and predicted that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) wants to see the US occupying Saudi Arabia quote: "... CFR is anxious to pursue an agenda that will likely result in the demise of the Saudi kingdom and the division of that country, with the U.S. simultaneously occupying both Iraq and the oil producing regions of Saudi Arabia. FTW predicted this scenario last month. The significance of a move that would give the U.S. military control of 36 percent of the world's oil is not lost on the rest of the world and it suggests the presence of a much deeper reality." (  http://fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/101802_the_unseen.html)

The excuse to invade Saudi Arabia may come in the form of a series of terror attacks in that country, followed "by a cry of help" from the ruling regime of Saudi Arabia. This grab for oil may be one of the reasons that Russia, China, and India are talking about forming an alliance (  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=266105)

Further developments:

Although this source seems to me at first glance to be a race-baiting and fear mongering of supposed "Zionist domination" schemes, they do seem to have many obscure details nailed about the current situation and recent meeting between Israel's Sharon and the Russian government:



 http://tinyurl.com/u5h4 >>

A while ago, I also posted the following to  http://redpaper.com:

<<Recently there have been many news reports (like this one  http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/EH02Ak02.html ) that detail an allegation that the US Government has deleted info that shows that Saudi Arabia may have assisted one or more of the hijackers.
Sen Bob Graham, who is one of the Democratic candidates for president, has been commenting as much as he can without breaking the law on what of 9/11 has been investigated so far. Congress is going to announce a release of info tomorrow from the investigation , though the majority of info is still classified. Sen Bob Graham has seen that classified info because he is involved in the congressional investigation. He cannot talk about what he has seen, or he will go to jail. He did say this about it on "Face The Nation", though:


<" Sen. Bob Graham, a Florida Democrat who chaired the intelligence committee last year during the inquiry, would not name Saudi Arabia as the foreign government that was the subject of the inquiry.

"But I will say that that foreign government went well beyond facilitating charitable giving to terrorists, there was also direct governmental involvement with some of the terrorists. And an unanswered question is, was the same assistance provided to the other 19 terrorists?" Graham said on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday.>

Perhaps Senator Graham is not talking about Saudi Arabia, though? Perhaps he is referring to Pakistan?

Immediately following 9/11/01, several news papers reported a relationship between 9/11 paymaster Saeed Sheik and the ISI intelligence services of Pakistan.
India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/comp/articleshow?xml=0&art_id=1454238160

Pakistan: Islamic Backlash India Today  http://complete911timeline.org/2001/indiatoday101501.html

India Accuses Ex Pakistan Spy Chief Of Links to US Attacker: Report Agence France-Presse
October 10, 2001

This story largely disappeared. It's also notable that the president and chief of Pakistani intelligence were in the US on 9/11 discussing regional issues with in separate meetings Colin Powell and Sen Bob Graham when the terror attacks happened.
The complete Congressional inquiry can be viewed here:


And downloaded in .pdf form here:

Now today, I read this report on  http://news.google.com

US Offers to Help Saudis in Terror War


and this

Attacking the heart of Saudi kingdom

Now, I don't know if the 9/11 documentary on CBC's "Fifth Estate" show is disinfo or not. If it is disinfo, it seems that the Saudis might be "in" on their so-called demise. They may want to let the US come in as part of a plan that may have been brewing for a while. This is just a theory. Yet, it seems that the US gov goes out of it's way to make the Saudi royals happy, and it that the US goesout of it's way to ignore Pakistan's involvement in terrorism.

Think about it. Two of the biggest US allies in "US the war on terrorism" are Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Yet, two of the biggest suspects of "state sponsered terrorism" against the US are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Two of the biggest covert war partners of the US in the middle east during the Cold War? Saudi Arabia and Pakistan!! I think it might be wise to keep your eye on developements involving these two countries in upcoming months.

agent why 10.Nov.2003 16:52


thanks for the post. I just wrote a long response but lost it on here becuase I had quotes in the title . . . what a fucking nuisance it is.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of the same thoughts.

I think the bombings are staged and that this is pretty much a top level power play going on amongst players we're only guessing at.

The blood of the people will spill, in the process.

And we thought Syria was next! What an underestimation.

What was your guess about where the troop movements out of the UK came into play?

they had nothing to do with even their intended targets 10.Nov.2003 17:21


"Al-Qaeda, by doing these activities, have raised the ire and the anger of all. Most Saudis are now against them," Prince Turki said. "Because there have been senseless killings aimed at innocents, they had nothing to do with even their intended targets, which are the United States and the West and the so-called Crusaders and Zionists.

"The fact that these people have targeted not only Arabs and Muslims, but also that they have done it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has rallied the people against them."

Could the masterminds of 9/11 really be this idiotic? Or is there another story?

Al-Queda=CIA/Mossad Terrorists 11.Nov.2003 04:29


Ask yourself this question, if Al-Queda is a real organization opposed to the USA and Israel, why did it bomb and kill other Arabs--because it was a "mistake" as the Offiicial propaganda line is suggesting? Get real. IT was well-known that this compound did not have Americans in it. Ask yourself who would benefit from this attack--a mythical Al-queda or the USA?

Re: they had nothing to do with even their intended targets 11.Nov.2003 06:07


It makes sense that they would target muslims if they are trying to foment a "civil war" that Amercia can come rescue them from

Who Really Did the Bombings 11.Nov.2003 06:48


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

There was a very serious bomb attack on a compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday. The Americans had been warning of an al-Qaeda attack, and the attack has universally been described as an al-Qaeda operation. Why are we so inclined to believe this?:

The Bush Administration has lied about everything it has said about the Middle East.

We know that the neocons have Saudi Arabia in their sights, and are clearly trying to destabilize the government.

The Americans gave warning of an al-Qaeda attack on Saudi Arabia in advance, which makes it easy to claim it was an al-Qaeda attack once it has happened.

The attack was on a compound known to be inhabited mostly by Arabs and Muslims. Why would al-Qaeda attack such a group? The standard answer is that these non-Saudi Muslims are collaborators with the Saudi regime, and therefore are appropriate targets. But doesn't al-Qaeda seek a universal Muslim state, and wouldn't it want to encourage Muslim solidarity, including having non-Saudi Muslims live in the Muslim holy land? And why would they attack Muslims during Ramadan? Wouldn't an attack on an American or European compound make much more sense? Why waste your resources on an attack which kills Muslims, when you can kill some real sinners, and at the same time really hurt Saudi-American relations?

Another argument is that the attackers hit this compound because it wasn't heavily guarded, and they wanted to attack a soft target that would be easier to get close to. This absolutely does not bear the hallmark of al-Qaeda, which chooses its targets carefully, and has a tremendous amount of patience. Typical of al-Qaeda would be to make a brazen attack on a heavily guarded compound, perhaps after infiltrating the guards, and wait until just the proper time to make the attack.

"U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage, who was on a scheduled trip in Riyadh to hold talks with senior government officials, said he was 'personally quite sure' that al-Qaida militants were behind the Saturday night attack 'because this attack bears the hallmark of them.'" Armitage was handily in Riyadh when the attack occurred, where he could presumably immediately consult with the shaken Saudis, and apparently has no evidence to prove it was al-Qaeda except that the attack bears their hallmark. Wouldn't it also then bear the hallmark of some group who was trying to fool people into thinking it was al-Qaeda?

The attack was by people who may have been wearing police uniforms. This is supposed to indicate that al-Qaeda has infiltrated the Saudi military and police forces. We forget that American private companies like Vinnell play a major role in training the Saudi military and guards for the Royals. American companies would have easy access to both the personnel and their uniforms.

An attack on Muslims during Ramadan has hurt al-Qaeda's reputation within the Kingdom, a completely predictable result, and one desired by al-Qaeda's enemies.

Al-Qaeda, which takes credit for what it does, appears not to have taken credit for this attack. One e-mail was received by an Arab magazine from a purported al-Qaeda operative who claimed responsibility for the attack. That is not sufficient to prove that al-Qaeda did anything, and certainly doesn't constitute taking responsibility.

Looked at rationally, and not listening to the American propaganda spin, the Riyadh attack in no way resembles an al-Qaeda attack. It looks like an attack by neocon Americans or their allies (i. e., Israel) on the Saudi ruling elites, intended to 1) destabilize and weaken the Saudi government, making it more dependent on the Americans; 2) direct the Saudi government's attention away from other Middle East issues; 3) force the Saudis into cooperating in the investigation of Islamic fundamentalist organizations; and 4) form part the basis for the eventual removal of the existing Saudi government in favor of something more agreeable to the American neocons and the Israelis.
posted 5:32 AM

Re: Reader 11.Nov.2003 06:51


reader wrote:

<And we thought Syria was next! What an underestimation.

What was your guess about where the troop movements out of the UK came into play?>

I wouldn't totally rule out Syria, actually. I think that they are a big target. Both Syria *and* Saudi Arabia may well be targets

Yes, maybe simultaneously 11.Nov.2003 15:41