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imperialism & war

Imperialism ignores true Democracy

Imperialism is a polital doctrine that seeks wealth and undermines true democratic values.
Imperialism, like all political doctrine, ignores the basic tenets of true Democracy.

I have seen what has been done in the name of spreading Imperlism: We supported a dictator in Chile-Pinoche, Got 50, 0000 young men slaughtered
in Vietnam, and at one time aided Saddem Hussein himself in the Iran-Iraqi war.

To be sure, there have been countless others opressions throughout our brief history: all in the name of Imperialism.

Imperialism seeks to spread self-interest(a countries): ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING.

Under the guise of democracy, countries and big coorporations seek profit through the exploitation of people and resources of nations
who are imporvised.

Democracy on the other hand, is about human rights, equality, and the oppurtunity to express yourself as you wish. True Democracy inspires
us to live better lives through hard work and reaching our dreams.

Imperialism is about Corporate America, and Goverments making a buck!
Imperialism destroys that which is sacred in a true democracy: THE MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE OF ALL,PEOPLE!

IN short, Imperialism is a political doctrine which unseats thev very nature of a democracy by exploiting the very things a Democracy stands
for. It is the spreading of a doctrine for wealth; at the expense of people and natural resoures, which can lest likely
afford to be harmed.
You have a point 09.Nov.2003 15:55

I have a point too

Just like communisim !!!
Look into Cuba and Venezuela for instance ....