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Letter to the Anti-Zionist Coalition

The A-Z-C yahoogroup, at  A-Z-C@yahoogroups.com, is up and running. I invite and comrades to unite with them hand in hand against the Zionist Entity and for the refusal to Normalize relations with the settler colonial aparatus.
Letter to the Anti-Zionist Coalition

Hello Comrades,
My name is JP Cupp. I am the Chairman of the Anti-Imperialist
Solidarity Committee (USA), a Marxist-Leninist Juche-Type (Socialist
Korea) Communist Grouping Based in Oregon. I hate the Zionist entity
of "israel" and am sick as hell of the jewish nazi so called "left"
subverting anti-imperialist solidarity and worker based anti-war
politics. I am also sick of the so called american anti-imperialists
who never ever take a principled stance on issues of nation-
liberation in the Periphery (so called third world).
The Zionist Entity has no right to exist on arab/muslim soil, nor
ANYWERE!!! I am a deep admirer of the national and islamic forces of
palestine and southern lebanon, and fully recognize the legitamacy
and effectiveness of the Human Bomb Tactic. I would say my biggest
affinity is for the Popular Front. The news of the Jericho deal and
unjust imprisonment of Ahmed Sadaat is disgusting.
I fully support Iraq's right to resist the occupation with arms, and
am deeply delighted to hear the glorious news that 6 punk military
targets went to their bodybags via "Black Hawk down". Also, is it not
ironic and just that a member of the 82nd airborne was offed. It is
well documented the number of civilians systemically and
intentionally slaughtered by the 82nd airborn. Americans are so
chauvenistic that it seems only when they met with force do they
listen and behave.

The majority of my time and resources are based on acting as chairman
of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), a group for the study of
the Army-based postulate of Marshal Kim Jong Il in the US,
We are working with some members of the Arab Diaspora as well as
those in the Hashemite Kingdom around the issue of using south Koreans
to occupy Iraq.
Their is a statement on the website calling for the south Koreans to
join the anti-US resistance with arms in hand at

I would like to enquire about the nature of the Anti-Zionist
Coalition. Does it recognize the Zionist enemy's right to exist?
Also, I am thankful that I was selected to be invited to this group,
and would like to know kindly who invited me to join. I hope that
this is the seeds of lasting popular unity against Zionism, which is
to be hated and despised.
Death to US Imperialism!
Death to the Zionist Entity!
Human Bombs! Tel Aviv! If you don't like it you can LEAVE!
Long Live Palestine, from the river to the Sea!
Victory to Al-Hussein and the Iraqi People in their National
Liberation War!
Study Zionism and Learn about the NorthWest 08.Nov.2003 16:40

Rabbi Rose

During the late 1800's much was written about zionism.

Do you all realize that the pacific-northwest is/was a considered the garden-of-eden by the late 1800's zionists literature.

Early zionists sent the troop here early, kicking the catholics out of power in the 1920's.

Today both Seattle and Portland are controlled by the zionist's.

Simple fact.

Point is go to the lewis&clark library, or reed, and study the history of zionism. No bozo there isn't a link,


I'm sure Nazi and Zionism go together well 08.Nov.2003 17:42

G I Jew

I'm sure that all the Zionists are Nazis, after all they collaberated with Himmler and Mengela to bring about there own demise. And the so-called Palistinian entity, ruled by an Egyptian, tossed out by other Arabs as not being Ethnicly pure enough, are being forced to wander the desert for over 50+ years now, hey Moses only had to do it for 40 to claim the region between the Jordan and the Mediterrain as a homeland, and it took the Roman's a week. Therefore those who spend the most time wandering in search of a home have the most right to that land. Oh wait the jews wandered for well over a thousand since tthe Roman destruction of Israel in 70 A.D. so therefore Israel has the ultimate right for that shitty little piece of land in the desert, that none of the great empires in history cared all that much about.

Long Live Israel, we have already crushed the socialist empire with the never-ending tidalwave of capitalism. Isreal can and will crush all those who infringe on her sovereignty. And that terrorist from Egypt with a preference to wear a picknic
cloth on his head will become as useless as all the great socialists leaders throughout history, Stalin, Lenin, Trosky, and the rest. Their influence on history shall be little more than a footnote.

Interchangable Peckerwoods? 08.Nov.2003 19:33

Macky Jim Dupree

Change a few names and words and John Paul Cupp's call to arms could be taken right out of a KKK website..........hmmm..................come to think of it, all them KKK peckerwoods use all three of their names..............

thanks for the opening 09.Nov.2003 11:00


That shovel is back. Some Zionist tries to compare Arrafat and other muslims emigrating to Palestine and becoming a part of the palestinian's society with the ZIonists bloodstained crusade. Muslims moving to palestine, marrying thier kids to the local's kids, being elected president, and not stealing the land and murdering the Palestinians who resist the theft, is not commparable to the Zionist invasion and destruction of palestine, now is it? Zionists are foriegn invadors, not neighbors moving in with any blessing of the locals, just the dictate of European power brokers.

Zionists invaded Palestine like Hungarians invaded Slovakia 9 years earlier (under the gun of a European power broker. Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, kept the industrial parts Nazis wanted, and offered the more difficult to police rural, moutainous forrest of Slovakia to the Hungarians to take over). The Hungarians didn't have to invade Slovakia. Not invading would have forced germans to use up troops from it's conquest of more neighbors to occupy the slovakia. But it was an easy steal, they once ruled the place for over a thousand years, and they wanted the Slovakian's homeland. So the Hungarians invaded and occupied Slovakia.

ENgland occupied Palestine, and the Balfour Declaration made the Zionists intentions of stealing palestine known to all concerned. Palestinians couldn't do much under the Brittish guns. About as much as Slovakians under the nazi guns could do. Zionists didn't have to invade Palestine, but it was an easy steal, Jews once ruled the land Hebrews murder the local Canaanites, Amorites, etc to steal, and they wanted the Palestinians homeland. But, since Nazi power brokers had no right to offer Slovakia to the Hungarians, and noone will condescend to admit that the Zionists invaded Palestine in this manner for a bedate (the forces of evil run from the light of day), I can't agree that Zionists have a "birthright" to be murderous thieves and invade, occupy and collonize Palestine. If you can explain it, please do. I don't see how Longshanks had any right to be giving Scottish lands to his minions, or for his minions to be murderous thieves inScottland. and Balfour doesn't seem to have any more right to promise Palestine to Zionists, or the ZIonists to take the promise. If you can explain how Balfour does have such a right, please do. And the might makes right argument does give Zionists any "birthright" to be murderous thieves in Palestine, which ZIonists always seem to end up claiming.

kibbutz- we have grown up thinking (because we were told to believe it) of the kibbutz as a noble effort of Zionists to make a life for themselves. Lets look at how it worked out. Palestinian jews were about 3% of the Palestinian population. By 1948, Jews (including the Zionists who invaded Palestine like Hungarians in Slovakia) in the lands were well over 40 %, and Jews (including the 3% Palestinian Jews) owned about 6% of the land. They used the kibbutz offensive. Zionists would buy a few acres of land, pack it with dozens of Zionist families invading Palestine (like Hugarians invaded Slovakia), and work a few hundred acres of public lands, AKA Palestine (under the laws of Brittish occupiers of palestine), like share croppers. And at the birth of the Zionists Crusader State ( I use "Zionist Crusaders State because I doen't want to confuse the nation of Israel with the country of Israel.) , the Zionists of the Kibbutzes just kept the hundreds of acres they had been working. Would you buy a couple acres of land if the Judeo-christian dominated 1947 UN would help you steal a couple hundred more, AND murder the palestinians who resist the Zionists theft of Palestinian lands? Well, the Zionists took that offensive option in thier invasion of Palestine. I know for a fact that I have no right to sharecrope land of my neighbors, and then steal it, even if a bunch of foreign interloapers were to say I could steal the land AND murder the owner when he resists the theft. So how do Zionists have such a "bnirthright." The TV set god's false image of the kibbutses as being a noble effort of ZIonists to make a life forthemselves is in actuality, an image of psychopathic (believing your good is all that matters, even if it is offensive, like stealing your neighbor's land and murdering the victims of your crime when they resist) theft and murder. The ZIonist invadors had increased the percentage of Jews in the land (locals plus the foreign Zionist invadors) from 3% to over 40%, and ZIonists talk about the relativly few Muslims who emigrated to palestine and were accepted, became Palestinians (and president), and who did not invade the land. If so many Muslims were moving into Palestine, why did the Jewish presence (around 40 % ZIonist invadors, who knew damned well the Palestinians didn't want them destroying Palestine to create the Zionist Crusader State any more than Slovakians wanted Hungarians, or Nazis occupying Slovakia), grow to almost equal the locals Papulation? Just don't add up, does it? Not when you get rid of the programed understanding the TV set god wants you to believe.

capitalism didnt beat socialism... capitalism became socialism 14.Nov.2003 21:39


most "capitalist" countries today fulfill basically all of the pillars of communism... they provide healthcare, they have national currency and transportation. . . .
to say that america today is anything but socialist is absurd, notice how we have minimun wage? and other labor laws too... those sound pretty damn socialistic to me. and to say that the "socialist leaders" will be forgotten... goddamit.. have the monarchs been forgotten? jesus.. i hope your joking.

and as for zionists being like nazis... well.. they both call for a return to glory for a "chosen people" and their "chosen land", they both suppress dissenting voices and populations. i mean... seriously, what other prooof is needed for people to realise the obvious facist undertones of isreal and zionism?. sure, the isrealis are killing a different group of people... but you dont have to hate jews to be a facist.

hitler would be pleased with their tactics ide think, although utterly disgusted that he was seemingly right about the jews.

bah.. i despise racism.. .almost as much as i hate religeoun. almost as much as i hate the concept of god.