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Nov 8th- Walking on the sharp Edge of Change

On November 8th and 9th during a total lunar eclipse planets will configure themselves into a Grand Sextile with the mark of another powerful configuration called the "the Star of David". Astrologers and others who study the movement plantary and earth energy believe that what we will experience is a powerful "birthing chart". All the inhabitants of the earth will feel this energy in the coming months. How will you navigate it?

Walking on the sharp Edge of Change

Walking on the edge of change; how will you navigate it?

Today and tommorrow on November 8th and 9th , the earth will experience an astounding astrological configuration. During a total lunar eclipse on these days planets will regroup into a configuration called a Grand Sextile. It is also called "The Star of David."

Within the Grand Sextile pattern there is the pattern known as the "Star of David" - formed by the two inverted Grand Trines. This pattern is also universally recognized as the three dimensional representation of the Merkabah, the Light Body Vehicle of Consciousness (a very important symbol for those working with Light energies). Another name for this planetary pattern is the "Seal of Solomon," which contains the promise of the advent of Divine Wisdom attendant upon this moment. Other pattern by-products of this tight Grand Sextile include: the three Mystic Rectangles, four Kites, and six Minor Grand Trines.

Many astrologers and people who work with energy believe that what we will experiencing during this time and the months after is birthing energy.

More on this configuration can be found at: http://www.astrosite.com/__JM1.htm

What does this portend for earth inhabinants?

"We are now as a race about to move into the eye of the storm that will decide the future of the race and the planet. It is crucial for all of us to know as the crisis deepens that what will look and feel like destruction is the stripping away of delusions.

"The secret of this storm is that it is a birthing and it is going to demand everything of you and I. We must now purify our hearts and galvanize our wills to ensure that the new divine humanity can be born. We are going through a dark night of the species as a whole. The crisis is offering humanity these intensities to expand and shatter the heart of humanity and for the first time in history we will start to create a world of love and justice.

"What are you doing to stop this madness? How are you living? What are you risking at this time of unprecedented crisis? Nature is bleeding to death. The population is exploding. Weapons of mass destruction are proliferating and religions are retreating into fundamentalism. The mass media is feeding us trivialities when we need to be taught about real reality. The rich world is locking itself into materialism that leaves the rest of the world starving.

"We need to become mystic activists. Mystics must get active and equally the activists must become mystic. Activists must learn to act from divine peace that will feed them divine wisdom. You must always act from as loving and forgiving a heart as possible and remember you have to learn how to ask and you will be given what you need. Then this world can become the living kingdom of this divine humanity."

-Andrew Harvey