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A strategy to protect Miami FTAA prtests from police abuse

Below is a strategy to deter Timoney(of R2K fame) from violating the rights of FTAA protestors. He is in charge of security and cannot be trusted. If Monkeywrenchers and other "night direct action" activists were to select a list of corporate "contingency targets," announce that they had done so(but not announce the particular targets themselves), and then stand ready to go after them, Timoney will have no choice but to think twice about brutality, mass arrests, or other such illegal violations of the First amendment.
Year ago it was said of SLAPP suits that only monkeywrenchers might be able to deter them. Well, this may also apply to police abuse at major protests. The idea here is that after selecting several good targets like Citibank, the Gap, McDonalds, HLS, or any of thousands of others(and these have hundreds or more places to protect each), each affinity group would pack up their bags and wait by the computer, the radio, and the telly and monitor events in Miami. If there are serious police abuses, each affinity group could wait until the best time to strike and have at it!

There will be so many potential targets that only the first tier will be protected, if any at all. There's no way all the cops in the country can protect every McDonalds, every Gap, every Citibank branch, every Wal-Mart, every Hummer dealer,every HLS installation, every fur farm, and so on. There are more targets than there are security forces to protect them-and if the corporate backers of the FTAA are informed of this, they will tell Timoney to chill out so as to protect their own interests back home.