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Do You Know Who This Woman Is?

If not, you will get to know here more than you would ever want to know in the coming weeks...
Who Am I?
Who Am I?
Hi, my name is.....

a). Single White Female
b). Girl Next Door
c). Someone you would bring home to meet your parents
d). Your old high school flame
e). The love of your life
f). Your future wife
g). Somebody you would like to get to know better
i). Random Perky White Chick
j). Portland Indymedia Poster Girl
k). My Best Friend's Girlfriend
l). .................................................
Jeez . . . 08.Nov.2003 07:32


To all--

Lay off the poor girl. She's made a few really poor choices, certainly, but don't turn an individual into the poster-child of your indignance. Criticize what has been done to her--not her herself . It's not necessary to react to every mega-media construct . . . proact instead!

Remember, too, that Portland is a world apart from anywhere in West Virginia. So knock off all the smugness, alright?

thanks justin... 08.Nov.2003 08:30

republic of cascadia citizen

i agree with "justin" above. yes, jessica made some very poor choices, the first one being her decision to join the military in the first place. but take her situation in perspective. she has been indoctrinated from the beginning to believe in and support her country. even under all the pressure from the pentagon and media, including her severe physical and psychological trauma she has experienced, she has STILL criticized the u.s. gov. and media for their "spin" of her story. remember that she is military. that she has challenged her superiors AT ALL shows a great amount of courage. my bet is that if most of you were put in her shoes, given the same environment in which she grew up in, you would fare no better than her. AND, i would not at all be surprised if this woman becomes a very strong critic of the pentagon-media-military cabal in the future.

No shit 08.Nov.2003 11:05


Seriously, she was saying that "it's wrong" to use her as a means to sway public support in Iraq. The governmedia fucked her story up, and she called them on it. AND now, she's telling the public that she was raped by her captors, which probably made her life suck then, but for the US to glorify her when she was struggling with rape is totally irresponsible. Her brother just got deployed to Iraq too. It's not like she's Ann Coulter or something, she's an ordinary human who likes to chill at home: not only is she a rape survivor (like so many other women), but she has to separate the fact that she was raped once by Iraqis, then again by the twisted media.

Ease up on this Woman 08.Nov.2003 14:01


There's one thing that the right-wing liars who run the Pentagon these days never count on, and that is human decency and our innate capacity for Truth. Yesterday BBC reported that Ms. Lynch has given an interview to ABC TV. I don't know if we'll ever see this interview in this country. Republicans can certainly persuade ABC to squelch it. But in the interview Ms. Lynch condemns the Pentagon in no uncertain terms. She reports that there was no reason for her so called rescue to have been filmed. She remembers the kindness of her Iraqi nurses, one of whom frequently sang her to sleep, and most significantly, she reports that her weapon jammed immediately after the ambush began and that she never fired a shot. She says she does not remember being raped, despite the fact that the military doctors who examined her in Europe had alleged that she had been raped. Ms. Lynch was awarded the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and a Prisoner of War medal while still hospitalized in Washington DC. She does not believe she deserves all that over the other soldiers in her company who were killed and never memorialized in the same way by the Pentagon. But I'd say she does deserve these medals for choosing truth over false celebrity and a lucrative career that has enriched so many civilian Pentagon whores in recent years. She is an American solider in the greatest tradition in our history.

She is set to get married next June. Please join me in wishing her and her future husband, Sergeant Ruben Contreras, a long and happy life together.

Now. Let's get her pictures and all of these embarrassing comments off this page. She's alright. She's one of us. Leave her alone...

That woman 08.Nov.2003 14:17

Catalina Eddie

I should hope we do hear more of her in the future.

She is exposing all the lies and manipulation we were subjected to over this "incident". I hope she gets real rich from what the establishment has tried to do to her.

And what's all this about rape? She doesn't remember rape and the doctors and medical staff that treated her (kindly if she is to be believed) saw no such signs. Near as I can tell only the establishment alleges that. Maybe they are lying?

'Course, maybe I'm biased too. She has always seemed like a genuine human being to me

Vancouver, USA

Je$$ica Fans 08.Nov.2003 16:12


Hey, all you Je$$ica fans, if Je$$ica is such a sweet, genuine, truth-telling young gal from West Virgina, what the hell is she doing cashing in on all the Made for TV movies and book deals that she is getting? Je$$ica is not only gettng ONE but TWO Made-for-TV movies. The first "Saving Jessica Lynch" is on NBC this week (Sunday November 9, 9PM EST, Be sure to check your local listings). The other is still in production...

Moreover, her book deal "I am a Soldier, too" not only netted Je$$ica a cool $1 million dollars but was written by Rick Bragg who was suspended and later forced to quit from the NY Times for pulling a Jayson Blair and engaging in ... ahem...unethical journalism. I guess this makes him perfect for peddling the Made for TV Jessica Lie.


Oh, by the way, the people promoting Je$$ica's book are the same Public Relations firm that produced the infamous "Baby Incubator" scam during the first Operation Desert Slaughter.


"She is an American solider in the greatest tradition in our history." Ha. Just like George W. Bush.

Difference Between "Victim" and "Hero" 08.Nov.2003 16:42


The most irritating part of this entire situation is administration and the public's seeming inability to distinguish between the terms "victim" and "hero". Jessica Lynch is no more a hero than the victims of the space shuttle explosion. The risks they took were a part of the job they were hired to do. Neither were doing anything unusually heroic when they encountered disaster. They were simply and unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sure, I feel sorry for what happened to her but this single incident does not deserve all the hype it is getting.

Hasan, your real name is Justin or Jason, isn't it? 08.Nov.2003 17:59

Something like that anyway

If you expect a 19 yr. old hick to be able to fend off all those slick money offering/money making people who descended upon her when she was still incapacitated, then you are expecting too much. You probably know more about Rick Bragg and that PR firm than she does. To expect her to know all that and be savvy enough to navigate through it without being used again is just too ridiculous.

You are just nasty. Maybe you just don't like little blond hick chicks. But that's not good enough.

Jessica Lynch is still is "story" 08.Nov.2003 18:06

get real

Remember NOTHING gets broadcast on ABC news unless the controllers want it. If she is blasting the Pentagon and the misinterpretation of the facts you can be assured it is serving their purpose. The networks are owned by the controllers of the Pentagon. So remain skeptical.

well yes, she probably did have an "anal penetration" by the Iraqi Doctors 08.Nov.2003 19:21

the doc

Given the type of injuries she suffered, the level of care the Iraqi's were forced render due to their equipment shortages, lack of appropriate tools, and medicines; it is highly probable that they had to monitor her process via use of a procto- scope...an instrument used to get a visual view of the rectum, colon, and muscle structures in lower spine. This, due to the sanctions then in force, had to be the much older variety that was in use before the more modern fiber-optics versions, and they are slightly larger in diameter than the average erect penis. Given that she is small boned, petit, and suffered the extent of damage that they were treating her for, surely they'd give her anesthesia, and thus, she'd have no remembrance of the "anal penetration"! I'm sure that the medical examination the American authorities gave her when she first was brought under their control, would have noted some evidence of "anal penetration" (resulting, of course, as I just said...use of a proctoscope in her care...it's done all over the world...nothing new about it) and duly re- cord it in their records. Later, when the Pentagon's spinmeisters get a hold of these records (why?...it was none of their f--king business really!), they carefully noted the words "anal penetration" and spinned it into this big LIE that is grabbing the emotions of the WWF Smackdown-crowd and other's who pay no attention to the little men behind the curtain when it's so often yanked back for all to see, if only they'd bother looking! So, yes, she was "anally penetrated", but that does NOT mean she was raped! understand? hope so!

There's a doctor in the house 08.Nov.2003 21:44

Thank God

Makes sense, doc. Thanks.

wow!...makes sense...she wasn't raped by the Iraqi's, but her reputation is... 08.Nov.2003 23:21

sick of it

Like I say: wow! that makes perfect sense about how this phoney business of her getting raped got started. Here it is a simply life-saving medical procedure that isn't known about but a very small segment of the population, is be- ing USED by these lying-bastards (let's don't forget bitches too, as it was that damned Tora Clark that was a past- master at spinning lies for the Pentagon) to capitalize on the public's ignorance by using a partial truth (as in this case: anal penetration) to twist it into something that plays off the baser nature of ourselves...plays to the very least common denominator within our collective selves! This should be a wake-up call to all of you out there that are bit of doubting-Thomas's that are so quick to defend these terrible people, as you're so blinded by your idealogy to be able to see the TRUTH. Up till I read the above, I must be honest>>>I too was caught up in wondering about this business of her being raped. Now that someone has "connected" the right dots, I see the picture and by God it is one hell of an ugly one. I'm sure it's NOT the picture these lying government people want me to be seeing either! From now on, I'm going to spend more time connecting the dots to any picture given me by this government! Hope you do too!

Two POWs, One an American Icon, the Other Ignored 09.Nov.2003 07:54


Published on Saturday, November 8, 2003 by the Philadelphia Inquirer
Two POWs, One an American Icon, the Other Ignored
Jessica Lynch's Story, Some of it Hyped, Made her a Star. Shoshana Johnson Faded Away.
by William Douglas
Tomorrow, NBC will air its made-for-TV movie celebrating Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, whose capture and dramatic rescue is the feel-good story of America's war in Iraq.

But some African Americans don't feel so good about Lynch's story. Instead, they ask: What about Shoshana Johnson?

Johnson, an Army specialist, belonged to the same 507th Maintenance Company as Lynch. Unlike Lynch, Johnson fought to stave off their Iraqi captors. Like Lynch, she sustained serious injuries.

But only Lynch got the headlines, the TV movie, the prime-time TV interviews, and a biography by a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. Lynch, in short, got the full American celebrity treatment, while Johnson has largely been ignored. Many African Americans think that's simply because she didn't have the right "face."

Oh Darn 10.Nov.2003 11:59

b & w

who gets to be the PNAC poster child for Bu$h & Co.'s Illegal Invasion, Rape & Conquest of Central Asia?

(I *really care* about the outcome of this particular competition . . . )

p.s. who gets to be poster child for the U.S. Military Occupation 2004?

The real mystery woman 10.Nov.2003 14:05


Shoshana Johnson
Heroic Poster Girl?
Heroic Poster Girl?