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The Last Crusade (poem for Vet's Day)

The Last Crusade

I imagine her blue sky
can only carry youth's standards
A flag planted now fallen in the battlefield
Are soldiers forgiven because they died
before they got old
We expect our children to comfort
or declare how a parent mattered
instead life is drowning in a deluge of
things become more important
when you reach a certain age
My things versus your things
Fly girl fly

Hope does not abundantly play
in my body no longer boldly
skimming over hills and valleys
Youth has been spent
as my only child climbs the ranks
in the Air force ready
to rip more limbs off innocent
children will die
and never grow old enough
to become this helplessly unforgiven
Fly girl fly

The child still wants out
stifled afraid to see
this much pain
How can anyone be forgiven
for this movement of planes
across borders over seas
bombing all solutions
that could heal the unforgiven
I'm old enough to suffer
every injustice as if someone slapped
my mother-in-a-wheelchair awake
Fly girl fly

I argue with youth everyday
like mice stealing my food
wind taking my apples down
like the Captain she is in the Air
Force killing any hope of finding
solutions in the craters empty
distant as the moon I try
to bring us together
My mother shaking in Parkinson's fist
my daughter giving mind and body to war
I'm writing between these extremes
Fly girl fly

The outline up there is too faint
beyond my believing borders
If I'm not bombing someone with my
Power Attainment Wealth
then I cease to exist
We are the lords of privilege
dominating the world and its people
with every new luxury purchase
compared to rice and beans so carefully
prepared poems can harm no one
still I am unforgiven
Fly girl fly

She left me for a younger man
dressed in white and gold
She loves his might and power
bends the older poet fingers curled around a
laughingstock compared to her
subordinates give their Captain a stunning salute
War fashions men who can't fight
into toothless lions
suitable for the circus
mawing the hand still feeds
At least youth has another chance to
Fly girl fly

I never told her about this
message vapors unclear
Who stole time or did
time forget itself
marching into the contrail skies
I want to forgive her
faint hope's horizon
dusky pink premise
instead I blame myself
for not fighting hard enough
unforgiven I am unforgiving
Fly girl fly

I lie awake waiting for the next TV
show me your love
tell me I am
Forgetting when I was young
and indifferent to the pain
in the eyes of the world
watching and judging me
wrongly accused is what I thought
tossing down another drink
dream girlfriend scene
gave birth to you
Fly girl fly


let her go 09.Nov.2003 05:13

you know

guess you just have to let her go; military industrial complex is taking the good, like your daughter, with the bad; hard to get any knid of work these days. Of course you said it, and much more, more eloquenly. keep the faith. The world turns.