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semi-live blog updates and live webcasts from the twin media reform conferences in Madison, Wisconsin are now at  http://www.wisconsinite.net/bethemediablog/.
The National Conference on Media Reform (U.S.), happening in Madison, Wisconsin, and the DIY-themed "Be the Media!" activist conference are all being covered in semi-real time on <a href=" http://www.bethemediablog.net/">bethemediablog.net</A>. Over fifteen people are signed up to contribute to the blog, and you can listen to portions of the conferences in streaming audio (mp3 and Real). The streams are occasionally maxed out, so keep trying and you may get through.<BR><BR>

To quote from the blog, "Basically, the point of this blog is to all of the events going on in town this weekend, and to provide a space for various people to discuss what they see and do at the conferences. As I wrote in an email a few days ago to some of the contributors, 'it is likely that any corporate media coverage of the conference will be perfunctory (if at all), at best relegated to the business news, while alternative/independent coverage will be (understandably) cheerleading. This seems inadequate.' "<BR><BR>

"We also wanted to organize a space for people to discuss the various elements of the media movement, which at times are in discord with regard to strategies and tactics. In the same email, I wrote that 'some related issues include the different goals of regulatory reform and independent media-making, professionalization and NGOs, radical organizing and "preaching to the choir", the role of grassroots and localism, and so on. The hope is for this blog to provide coverage of the conferences, in the aggregate of all of its contributors, that would cover in detail all of the exciting things that will be discussed, while at the same time raising various questions with regards to direction and tactics in the movement.' "

(That was from <A HREF=" http://www.wisconsinite.net/bethemediablog/archives/000042.html">this blog entry</A>.)

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