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U.S Concentration camps
IMC, please stop ignoring the FEMA camps! The facts are there and are not very hard to find with a little bit of research. There are dozens of websites that can give you the street locations of these facilities. They are spread out all over the country in just about every state.

In fact there is one person that even posted the pictures on you're website. Which IMC center I'm not sure but I saw it. They even show the barbwire fencing pointed inward and the watch towers which is in my mind a dead give away. There are many other things as well.

Look at the FEMA REX 84 program Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot.
The two subprograms to take over city and state governments and to control major sects of the population. FEMA has the power to suspend the constitution, re-locate entire populations and more.

The rest of the movement can not rely on one or two people to make these announcements. We need you to follow suit. We need you to be convinced that these places exist.

Please, Please, Please, for the sake of our future just go take a look at it.
message to eric... 08.Nov.2003 01:29

indy volunteer

eric: if you were waiting for permission, then it is granted. be the media yourself. that is what indymedia is for. do the research, post content, as much as you want. get the word out to the thousands of people who visit here every day. we are all eyes and ears.