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"What is 'MKULTRA'?" by Eleanor White

Before the current day harassment of citizens in their homes and
communities using advanced electronics began, secret programs of torture
were carried out by the U.S. Government for purposes of mind control.
These programs are often conversationally referred to as "MKULTRA",but
also included others such as MKNaomi, MKSearch, MKDelta, Matrix and
more, and were carried out throughout the Cold War.
In spite of the publicly disclosed MK-type sub-projects involving the use
of LSD, the public today is unaware of just how atrocious were the crimes
carried out in the MKULTRA-era, in the name of "national security". The
LSD phase was only a MINOR part of the full range of programs.

The purpose of the MKULTRA-era projects was to create a means of total
control over the test subjects and ideally cause them to have no memory
of an assignment once the assignment was carried out. Furthermore, the
test subjects were not even consciously to know about the assignment until
a 'trigger' or password was given to them.

The mechanism for accomplishing this was to create "Multiple Personality
Disorder" in the test subject. Multiple Personality Disorder can be, and
was, created through a combination of hypnosis and torture.

Adult torture subjects were obtained by deceiving them. CHILD torture
subjects were obtained by permission of parents and guardians who had
connections with intelligence agencies, and/or, had serious lack of morals,
for example, some were pedophiles. Child torture subjects were often
chosen between ages 4 and 12, and those who were successfully
programmed continued serving as "Manchurian Candidates" into adulthood.

Torture methods included military prison camp treatment, being kept
naked in cages, given minimal food or water, being kept awake around the
clock, being sealed in dark "flotation tanks" in padded suits for total
sensory deprivation. Application of electric shock, including to the
genitals was a common torture tactic. Some MKULTRA survivors report
ritual abuse including having to watch babies killed. The shock and trauma
from this kind of deliberate assault on the human psyche, made it
possible to create and program by hypnosis, different personalities for
different assignments.

As of the date of this report, only eight adult victims, mental patients
at the Allen Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, have had their torture
recognized and compensated. These eight were fortunate in that one of
them, Velma van Orlikow, was married to a Member of Canadian

Most often, the MKULTRA-era victims were chosen from among people of
modest means, as they would be less likely to effectively fight back after their
torture. The eight from Montreal were kept drugged, half asleep, half
awake for weeks, and were forced in their disabled state to listen to
hypnotic tapes designed by Dr. Ewen Cameron for the express purpose of
destroying all of their memories. This did work to some extent, and Dr.
Cameron was to be brought up on charges, but died before proceedings
could begin.

It is very important that the public never forget the MKULTRA-era
atrocities, because they show beyond doubt that even the United States
and Canadian governments, seemingly benign and democratic on the surface,
are just as capable of brutal crimes as any of the world's dictatorships. AND,
entirely capable of carrying out TODAY'S mind control attacks on innocent
citizens in their homes and communities!

homepage: homepage: http://www.mindcontrolminute.com/

Not just torture 08.Nov.2003 17:10

works to control

It might sound weird, but I think that television (and movies, videogames) is very effective at controlling and warping people's minds. When you think that some Americans watch as much as 6 hours of TV a day- it's no wonder that people are ignorant about the world. And no surprise that they will do what the state requires them to do (hate and kill Iraqis, for example). Witness the huge number of teenagers (and others) who have gone on shooting rampages lately- how do we explain that?
I think you could call this process a form of mind-control. It really doesn't take physical discomfort and pain (ie: torture) to create a personality so psychologically damaged that they do not recognize another's humanity (this is just basic Psych 101).