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imperialism & war

"cryptic ominous messages from troops to families"?

as referred to in  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/11/2
Does anyone know what pdx indymedia article jason refers to here? If you could provide a link to it that would be great as I am having trouble finding it.
reply to * 07.Nov.2003 16:30

web untangler

to the right of the home page is>>>OPEN PUBLISHING NEWSWIRE, scroll down to bottom and click open
>>>"newswire archinve" which is in red letters, then once there, click on page 387, and once that pages is
up, the first article is "NEW US ATTACK ABOUT TO HAPPEN?" by Empire Slayer. Last time I checked the
full scroll, there was over 140 comments as of yesterday. It's a long one....very informative and very sobering!
Hope this leads you to it?