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Jessica Lynch condemns Pentagon

Read about it at BBC link. Why not here in America?
A US woman soldier who shot to fame after being taken prisoner during the Iraq war has accused the military of using her for propaganda purposes.

homepage: homepage: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3251731.stm

... 07.Nov.2003 11:01

this thing here

so there was what really happened to jessica.

and there was what the military and it's personal p.r. firm of the american corporate media (ACM) wants t.v. viewers to THINK happened to jessica.

in other words, there's the truth, and there's total bullshit.

so which one of these versions is being presented on television as what really happened?

yes, that's right folks, the bullshit version.

what does that tell us about the priorities and character of the ACM and it's client the u.s. military?

Actually ... 07.Nov.2003 11:10


... this IS being covered here. Virtually the same story and quotations are being presented from all the major news sources ... corporate and otherwise.

Why not in the U.S.? 07.Nov.2003 11:29


The BBC article is quoting from an interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC News. It was reported by the New York Times, Washington Post and other outlets in the U.S. The U.S. media is eager to tear-down the Pentagon's version of events in the Lynch story. They'll take every opportunity to do so.

However, the U.S. media /is/ eerily silent on the case of Maher Arar. It's been leading news in Canada for days. The CBC devoted 20 minutes to it during Wednesday's nightly news broadcast.


Drudge Report had the report on his website 07.Nov.2003 11:45

i read it

As for wondering if American media would give any coverage to Jessica Lynch's comments, I saw the ad on
ABC TV for their special next Tuesday night when Jessica's story is to be aired. Only the briefest "teasers"
were used to spark interest. However, I did note that late last evening there was rather extensive reporting
of this on www.drudgereport.com and ap's breaking news link. A look a moment ago on Drudge's site, I
still note he is carrying the story. So, it is getting some coverage. Guess THEY have no choice now that the
story has broken in the BBC and the rest of the world knows about it. With the internet what it is, THEY can't
hope to keep us stupid forever, so THEY to pony up to the hitching rail of truth occasionally, but be ready to
unlease the reins qiuckly so as to run again with the dogs of war.

crap. 07.Nov.2003 11:50

this thing here

here's the shameless bullshit i was referring to, also brought to us by the american media. if they can build 'em up AND tear 'em down at the same time, they can make twice the money....


"a teenage p.o.w."

"an unlikely ally"

"a story that inspired a nation"

give me a fucking break...

Someone is toying with you 07.Nov.2003 12:33

Lord Jacob Rothschild

Isn't it strange that the same government mouthpiece that brought us the Jessica Lynch story are now bringing us this controlled spin? They are in charge of every image amd every sound bite we view and hear on the official mouthpiece of the elite who run our government. How about all the witnesses to the actual staged rescue now being mysteriously dead? There is a lot more to this than appearances, none of this is an accident.

More Lynch Crap 07.Nov.2003 13:14

H. Rivera

NASIRIYAH, Iraq (AP)--Iraqi doctors who treated former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch dismissed on Friday claims made in her biography that she was raped by her Iraqi captors.


Lynch May Complain, But She's In Bed With BushCo 07.Nov.2003 13:25

Not Convinced

Jessica Lynch can complain about government hype of her story all she wants, but I assume that she is benefiting monetarily from the Diane Sawyer interview, book sales and TV special and I don't imagine for a minute that they could legally have aired this thing if they didn't have some kind of release from her family. That makes her appear to be somewhat of a hypocritical puppet.

more diversion 07.Nov.2003 13:27

and confusion

Time-tested methods to control populations.

Did You Notice the Title/Graphics Change? 07.Nov.2003 13:37

North Portlander

Did you all notice that the first trailers for the Jessica Lynch mockumentary used the title "SAVING PRIVATE LYNCH" and mimicked the logo used for the movie, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN? Now it is being called "SAVING JESSICA LYNCH" and the title logo has been changed.

What do you bet that lawyers for Steven Spielberg and the studio that produced RYAN were all over them like irate piranha?

regards iraqi doctor and rape 07.Nov.2003 14:11



that's an interesting link
(  http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/ap/ap_story.html/Intl/AP.V2677.AP-Iraq-Jessica-Ly.html )
It makes you wonder how a doctor who saw her immediately after the accident found no evidence of semen,rape, etc... but somehow US doctors, a week and a half or more later, found definitive proof.

I'm no rape expert, but can you even tell if someone's been raped that long afterwards? I'd think the bruises would be gone by then. Seems easy enough to do a DNA test on the semen to test the nationality of the rapist... who knows, it could be american semen. Geez, what am I saying? I'm sure some hard nosed journalist has already asked these obvious questions...

it gets better 07.Nov.2003 14:17

al merkin

Whose face is that I see on the front page of the Register-Guard this morning with the caption, "Lynch says portrayals of her rescue inaccurate"?


Haven't read it yet but I hope it's half as condemning as the BBC version...

THE BIG PICTURE 07.Nov.2003 14:27



Look at the facts.
We have corporate CEO'S running our country and goverment.

Let's look at thier mind set.
Corporate ceo's look at the world as just another corporate venture.
Remember the phrase (corporate take over).
In the world that they live in, it's only normal business.

The damage that it causes is not of their concern.
The term collateral damage!
They have shown us this many time's in the past.
But they continue to say that we have no reason not to trust them.

Now let us look at the rest of the picture.
They knew around the middle of the last century about the problem we would have with oil resources.
Think about it.
The country,s that our (CORPORATE)goverment's are invading are loaded with oil.

What beter way to get the resources than cause discourse while at the same time placing dictators in position for a take over.
Corporate take over on a world wide scale.

They have allready shown the american people that the care more about profit than our health.
Look at all the poisons they pour into our own water supply.
And every time they get caught .
The excuse.: OPPS. Sorry we made a mistake.
Dont mind the fact that the top CEOS have protections in place to see that they dont drink the poison.
And every time the poison in our environment reaches the level set by the protection agency.
No problem, change the rules and all is well.
WHy would they care any more about someone in another country than they care about thier own people.

And then if you have anything to say about the injustice, no problem you must be anti-american or a communist.
DOn't worry about the truth, just listen to the brain wash new's an be a good little american.
Or do they mean prisoner, of course they would not say it that way, we would not want to hear the truth, would we.

Never give up the fight for truth and justice
For that is the day that we loose.


well now! this is what I've got to say about it all 07.Nov.2003 14:38

web untangler

This quick unraveling of the web of lies that the Bushit's and camp follower's, tells me that they have to be reminded yet once again these words: OH! WHAT TANGLED WEBS WE WEAVE WHEN IT TO OTHER'S WE SEEK TO DECEIVE! From my study of zoology, as I recall, it was the webs of highly organized tangled nature that once they'd cap- tured enough prey, they quickly unraveled to be of no further use to the spider. Is it possible that the Bushit's have flung just a bit too much bullshit at this Jessica Lynch-WEB OF DECEIT in hopes of capturing more prey (the sheepeople in this country that aren't paying attention) and they're finding it unraveling and big stink now arising from the pile? Bigger question is: did the spider crawl away quick enough so as not to get pulled into the dung heap with the collapsed web? Only WE THE PEOPLE can answer that one. So, let's inform NBC of our opinions and let them know that those firms silly enough to buy advertising time for this mockumentery will be associated with the lies and earn our respective boycott's. Their e-mail is www.nbc.com. Let's roll!

that's a nasty way to refer to our Commander-in-Chief 07.Nov.2003 15:02


Now! Now! There web untangler, that's an awful nasty way to refer to our Commander-in-Chief in a time of all out war. It's disrepectful and unbecoming of a "good citizen" to refer to him as "Bushit". Terrible it is! My! Oh! My! The trains are starting their engines as I write...

WHAT TRAINS? 07.Nov.2003 16:36

i am curious george

The last posting ends with a reference to "trains" are starting their engines. I'm out of the loop on
this one! So, what does this mean? Thanks for giving me your time to reply...whoever.

Undesirables 07.Nov.2003 17:19

First, Hang The Lawyers

I think the term "getting the trains started" ties into the Concentration Camp thread, elsewhere on the list. Cattle Cars might have been a more appropriate term.

White House Contacts 08.Nov.2003 15:49

Bird Dog DLR_ONE1@juno.com

We all know the Bulls__t coming out of washington.
Let's send them our fury.
Let them know we will fight the real problem.


The bird has spoken.
The fight for justice has begun.

Send them your mail.

President George W. Bush:  president@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Richard Cheney:  vice.president@whitehouse.gov

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