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New website: nanotechnology, UofO, OHSU, animal testing, Isreal, military money

The fruits of months and months of research efforts, we have compiled a wealth of information about the involvement of local institutions in nanotech (microscopic machines), smart clothes and other new technologies, much of it tailor made for the military
The University of Oregon, Oregon Health and Science University, Intel, Nike, PeaceHealth and Senator Ron Wyden are working together as the Innovation Network to create a brave new world of molecular machines, biological weapons, computerized clothing, medical informatics (surviellance and informantion tracking) and artificial intelligence. The Oregon Ducks football team are currently being used as test subjects for NIke-developed "smart apparel" - microchip-laden clothing that interacts with the human body (and bares a striking resembleance to high tech uniforms being developed by M.I.T., Raytheon, DuPont and the US Army). On-Time Systems, (a spin-off of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - funded Computational Intelligence Research labs at the U of O) builds computer models of Air Force flight routes and Naval shipyards. Whats at stake at your local hospital or college? The future of US military adventures, the distinction between machine and animal, and the ability to manipulate matter one atom at a time, just to name a few things.

This website:


is a presentation of research aimed at uncovering the collusion of interests between academy, medicine, corporation, politician and soldier. May the light of public scrutiny lead to positive social change. Please surf the links, share information, and email the address to any student, genetics or animal rights activist you may happen to know.
Nanobot Invasion!!!!, department of activist espionage and public education.

homepage: homepage: http://www.frewebs.com/nanobotinvasion!!!!/