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USA, Russia, Israel - Approve new oil deal - Middle East to Destroyed

In the most interesting development so far, the USA, Israel, and Russia have made a secret deal to destroy all the MiddleEast and create total destruction and famine. In return for cooperation all oil from russia will be sent through Israel. The US CFR approves the deal as the middel-east will no longer have oil revenue to finance 'terrorism'. Lastly the USA said to destroy all infrastructure in Iran & Syria in the next 48 hours.
Russian oil will begin flowing to Far East through Israeli Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline in November. Lukoil and Rosneft production facilities in southern Russia most likely to exploit facility which can move some 46.2 million gallons per day. Reversed direction of Israeli line from north to south will enable pumping of Russian oil from Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to Eilat and over Red Sea to Far East where Russia is keen to increase sales.

Sharon returned Tuesday night from intensive talks with Putin and other Russian officials ranging over war on terror, Iranian nuclear program, oil and changes in world balance of power as affecting Middle East
confirm 05.Nov.2003 13:44

roy shivers

Can you post any links, quotes, articles, or anything to confirm this is more than a rumor? I know about the rumors of troop buildups for an upcoming attack on Iran or Syria, but what more do we know? Thanks

Smart Enough to flush the toilet 05.Nov.2003 15:00

elmer fudd

For all those requesting 'links'



there's a new google service that will send you links by the hour based on keywords,

all the news about the imminent bombing of iran/syria after the recent putin/bush/sharon oil deal is on the web, if you type in the keywords in this lead article google will send updates by the hour,

lastly, if your tooo fucking stupid [ too many lattes at the red/black ] to understand the above then fuckyou,

the problem with links, is that empire puts them into DOS by the hour,

CONCERNED 05.Nov.2003 17:06

Russian/Israel trade relations

This seems to be the original article from Yahoo News.

Israeli Pipeline to Move Russian Oil
Wed Nov 5,11:29 AM ET

By PETER ENAV, Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM - Russian oil will begin flowing through an Israeli pipeline in late November, the pipeline's director said Wednesday, signaling a new chapter in rapidly improving relations with Moscow.
The announcement came on the same day Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) returned from a three day visit to Moscow, where he discussed political and trade ties, and the Middle East peace process with President Vladimir Putin (news - web sites).
The Russian oil will move through the Eilat-Ashkelon Oil Pipeline Co., according to its director, Emmanuel Sakal. He said the oil was earmarked for markets in the Far East, a major focus of Russia's developing export strategy.
Sakal would not say how large the shipments would be, which companies were providing them, or give a dollar value on the deal.
Oil analyst Valery Nesterov of Troika Dialog in Moscow said Lukoil and Rosneft, which have production facilities in southern Russia, would be the likeliest candidates to exploit the facility.
About 80 percent of Russia's 126 million gallons per day of oil exports go to Europe, with about half of the rest heading for the Far East.
However, Nesterov said, Russia is keen to increase its Asian oil sales.
"Russian oil companies are eying the Far East because the European markets are congested," he said.
The 158-mile Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline was built in the late 1960s by Israel and Iran to move Iranian oil to markets in Europe and the United States. It provided a convenient link between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, instead of the costlier route around South Africa's Cape of Good Hope.
Since the Iranian revolution in 1979 ended Iranian-Israeli diplomatic and trade relations, the pipeline has been limited to moving relatively small amounts of Egyptian oil from fields in the Sinai Peninsula to northern Israel for refining. The pipeline can move about 46.2 million gallons of oil per day. --


MoscowTimes also has a story about Russia selling arms to Israel in addition to the $2.2 billion US dollars approved in the US.

Elmer ya don't have to be so snotty about it 05.Nov.2003 22:19

Bugs Bunny

Now! Now! Elmer Fudd! You don't have to be so snotty about it. Just give the required info and kept the
fudd-fucking to others. Tha...Tha...That will be all for no...no...now!