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Pentagon quietly restaffing draft boards

Serve Your Community and the Nation
Become a Selective Service System Local Board Member
An obscure website has begun recruiting members for America's understaffed draft boards.


The Selective Service System wants to hear from men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members of a local draft board ... Local Board Members are uncompensated volunteers who play an important community role closely connected with our Nation's defense. If a military draft becomes necessary, approximately 2,000 Local and Appeal Boards throughout America would decide which young men, who submit a claim, receive deferments, postponements or exemptions from military service, based on Federal guidelines. Positions are available in many communities across the Nation. If you believe you meet the standards for Selective Service Board Membership, and wish to be considered for appointment please visit our web site at:  http://www.sss.gov/fslocal.htm

According to the story, as reported on Salon.com...

The community draft boards that became notorious for sending reluctant young men off to Vietnam have languished since the early 1970s, their membership ebbing and their purpose all but lost when the draft was ended. But a few weeks ago, on an obscure federal Web site devoted to the war on terrorism, the Bush administration quietly began a public campaign to bring the draft boards back to life...There is "no contingency plan" to ask Congress to reinstate the draft, John Winkler, the Pentagon's deputy assistant secretary for reserve affairs, told Salon last week. Increasingly, however, military experts and even some influential members of Congress are suggesting that if Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's prediction of a "long, hard slog" in Iraq and Afghanistan proves accurate, the U.S. may have no choice but to consider a draft to fully staff the nation's military in a time of global instability.
This is very frightening 05.Nov.2003 09:27


I think we can infiltrate these boards.

People who believe in peace and social justice should apply for these positions. At least a few of us can get on these boards and grant deferments, postponements or exemptions from military service to everyone who asks. Now is the time to act pre-emptively against a possible draft.

I encourage all peace activists to apply for these positions today!

I signed up 05.Nov.2003 10:06


It is easy. Go the link and fill in a few blanks. We can make our community a safe haven if we run the local draft board.

I signed up 05.Nov.2003 10:41

future draft board member

Great suggestion! It was really easy to sign up.

Article is gone now :( 08.Nov.2003 01:54


I guess the Administration didn't like the attention it was getting. Sort of like the Total Information Awareness program, etc.

But I agree. If they do actively recruit for these boards, we should infiltrate them. Classify everyone 4F, unfit for duty.

But you'd have to be VERY quiet and covert about it. Pass it around in hushed tones, especially to sympathetic vets (they might get an easier pass into the ranks of the boards).

sign up page still active 09.Nov.2003 10:57

Liz esnyder@stopspending.org

You can find it here:


Disappearing Act 11.Nov.2003 08:52

Paul Douglas Newman pnewman@pitt.edu

The web-page calling for local draft board volunteers has disappeared! It now reads "File Not Found." Hmmm. has anyone found it popping up anywhere else?

Draft Board Requirements 02.Feb.2004 09:59


Some requirements to be a board member are that they be:

1. U.S. citizens

2. at least 18 years old

3. not a retired or active member of the Armed Forces or any Reserve component

4. live in the area in which the board has jurisdiction

5. be willing to spend enough time at the position.

The vet idea won't work..