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Radio for Peace International under Siege in Costa Rica!! UN shuts down progressive radio

repost from Reclaim the Media Listserve (  cascadia@lists.riseup.net)
Radio for Peace International under Siege
- write to Koffi Annan
 annan@un.org to intervene.


About 2 hours ago today (Monday [November 3] received a call from the general Manager of Radio for Peace INternational (via cell phone).

He, James Lathem, told me that the United Nation's University for Peace
has begun today to use agressive means to force the shut down of this
progressive radio station in Costa Rica.

At noon they cut off the water supply to the remaining 8 staff and
volunteers holed up in the building. Four hours later the University
cut the telephone lines.

The security guards have turned away reporters and cameramen who have
come out to try to enter the campus.

Since the University is owned by the United Nations, they are claiming
immunity from all laws and law enforcement; the station has little
power against this major act of censorship.

Radio for Peace International is the only shortwave radio station that
airs Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News, Alternative Radio, Counterspin, Making Contact, Radio Nation, TUC Radio, and many more.

These programs are heard in every part of the world, at least 120
countries of the world. This is an outrage. Please spread the word and write to Koffi Annan at the United Nations ( annan@un.org) to intervene. If anyone can assist these folks in any way possible, these people who provide us,
the world, with this important media resource, please, now is the time.

Chuck Scurich

Oakland, CA

Relocation may be the way 07.Nov.2003 12:25


Seems to me what is needed here is to simply set up a new transmitter in a new(and defended!) location and continue transmitting the same material on the same frequency with the same callsign. As many parts of the old trasnsmitter should be secretly removed from teh site as possible, both for reuse in the new set and to deny their use to anyone who wants to use the equipment for other purposes(like trying to jam the new location).