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Today in History

Today in History
November 5
  • 1768: U.S. takes Iroquois lands
  • 1855: Eugene Debs, labor leader and socialist, born
  • 1916: 5 IWW organizers killed in Everett, WA
  • 1928: Banana workers strike in Colombia against United Fruit Co., 1000 killed
You failed history 06.Nov.2003 08:00


1768: U.S. takes Iroquois lands

US didn't exist yet.

to '.' 06.Nov.2003 10:29


"US didn't exist yet."

--the 'United States of America' may not have, but the original 13 colonies did . . . and at that time (1768), they were preparing to revolt from the English colonial monarchy, and later to impose their own regime upon this sector of the North American continent.