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Powell's Employees Ask For Community Support

Candlelight Vigil On Saturday the 8th of November
Powell's Employees are having a Candlelight Vigil on Saturday November 8th, To Mourn Managements Attack on our Healthcare. We would like to invite anyone from the community that wishes to show their support to show up at the main location, 10th & W Burnside from 7pm to 8pm that night. We also ask that anyone that show up for the vigil, to please dress in warm clothing.

phone: phone: 503.228.5047

Please attend 05.Nov.2003 15:10


This struggle for a fair contract is seriously heating up. Powell's has threatened to use scab labor for moving their warehouse. They're stonewalling at the table and refuse to accept that their own figures prove that there is no need to gut our wages and benefits. We have presented reasonable contract proposals and have made significant concessions at the table already.
We need all the support we can get. We can't afford the cutbacks. Powell's can afford our proposals. The very rich are always looking for ways of becoming richer at the expense of those who make them successful in the first place. They're paying their lawyer $400.00 an hour to break the Union, not to bargain.
The stress on employees is immense and anything the community can do to support us is greatly appreciated. Even just telling an employee that you support them in the fight for a fair contract will do wonders for their morale.
It's difficult not to succumb to feelings of despair when you're spat upon by such a rich, powerful and uncaring boss. Especially when he portrays himself as Progressive. Magazines like Utne Reader have written articles praising Powell's for being a Union shop and the owner for being so liberal. What their readers don't know is that Michael Powell is always seeking to undermine the Union. I wish he would wake up to the fact that the Union and the security it provides for employees is good for business too.

Make Your Support Known 06.Nov.2003 05:29


I sell may labor for a wage in exchange for the most wonderous commodity
on the planet, a book.
I moved to Portland to work for Powell's. A "Union Shop."
I can always go elsewhere, because I'm good at what I do.
Shame on you, Michael Powell,
You cannot go elsewhere & I don't see any good in what you are doing.

Support the Vigil.
Saturday the 8th.
7pm - 8pm.