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Cheney Now Declaring War on Pheasants

When killing is your only reason for getting out of bed in the morning, wreaking genocide in the Middel East just isn't enough....our tax dollars at work, shuttling Cheney to a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.......
Cheney hunting in Pierre area

PIERRE (AP) Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in South Dakota on Monday for his annual pheasant hunting trip. Air Force Two landed in Pierre shortly before 11 a.m. Central time.

Last year, Cheney shot pheasants at an upscale private hunting lodge in the Gettysburg area, north of Pierre.

It is Cheney's third hunting trip to the state as vice president. He spends several days hunting the ring-neck pheasant, South Dakota's state bird.

Last year, Cheney also arrived for his hunting trip on Nov. 3. He made no public appearances while in the state.

In 2001, two Secret Service agents were in accidents during Cheney's stay at a Sully County lodge. One accident involved the rollover of a large sport utility vehicle on a gravel road. The vice president was not riding with either of the agents, who apparently were on routine patrol.

Pheasant Under Crass 04.Nov.2003 23:20

North Portlander

South Dakota joins the ranks of the many who have given Cheney the bird.