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Large USA Airlift Confirmed

www.debka.com Confirms that a large USA wing has left for the Middle-East.
Basically the essence of the story is that today not only did congress approve the 88BN, but then also approved an emergency 2BN for Israel to rush the wall, and build up resistance against syria. The USA forces are said to be bombing syria, and Iran the principal source of terrorists killing americans in Iraq.
Dog Days of War 05.Nov.2003 07:17


Who doesn't agree that the "Billionaires for Bush" should be financing this mercenary action in Iraq and Syria and Iran? This police action is to benefit their, not our, economic interests. Our treasoneous Congress does not serve the American people, rather, they serve their corporate masters, at our expense. If Bush attacks Syria, that should finally get the Soviet war machine in full participation. Remember, for the globalists, there is no profit in peace.