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Songon Study Group! Look into the face of a "meatbag"

JP Copp and Travis Dandy (aka The Songun Study Group of the US) have been posting anti-working class call Americans killed in Iraq "Meat Bags" who deserve to die...

Let's see one.
Worker or
Worker or "Meat Bag"?
Army Spc. Artimus D. Brassfield, 22, of Flint, Mich.

What do you know on Flint, MI everyone? All you Michael Moore fans? Right, no jobs, no nothing there. Here's a working class kid who joined the army because it was the only option.

But Travis and JP call him a "meat bag" and a mercenary who deserved to die.

We wonder what the Songun Study Group's social backround is? What opportunities they had?

We say Songun Poltics is anti-working class.
. 04.Nov.2003 16:05


Does anyone actually take the "Songun Study Group" seriously? I mean, they're supporting a totalitarian ruler who starves his populace in order to maintain power, for fucks sake. What are they studying, the proper method of deporting families of political dissidents to death camps?

Note to the Songun Study Group: Just because someone is the enemy of your enemy doesn't mean that they are your friend.