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Listen live from the web- Tree-sitters Trust, Artemis & Remedy

What happened to Trust the tree-sitter? What's going on in Freshwater? Listen live from the web to find out!
The Houston Tree-sits
The Houston Tree-sits
Trust hangs from his perch
Trust hangs from his perch
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Radio Show: Update from Trust, Artemis and Remedy/ Texas Forest Watch with SACRED

Wednesday, November 5, noon-1 pm Central

(10-11 am Pacific time)

KPFT 90.1 FM-

Listen live from the web www.kpft.org.

What happened to Trust the tree-sitter? Hear a live update as we talk with Trust and Artemis, the two intrepid tree-sitters who put heat on MAXXAM corporation from Memorial Park over the summer.

We will also have an update from Remedy, the woman who sat in a Redwood tree named Jerry for a year. Remedy will talk about current lawsuits activists are facing, as well as the current logging situation in Humboldt (September 15 marked open fire on the forest).

As we gear up for the fun Texas Forest Watch Weekend November 7-9 (see below), we will speak with Chris Wilhite, Texas coordinator for Sierra Club's National Forest Campaign. Chris will talk about Sierra Club's Unhealthy Forest Initiative and the goal behind the Forest Watch Weekend.

We will be taking calls- 713- 526 KPFT (5738).

homepage: homepage: http://www.SacredRedwood.org
phone: phone: 713-858-0074
address: address: PO Box 980751, Houston TX, 77098-0751

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ara rally 04.Nov.2003 11:52

muff at steel_toe_sandwich@hotmail.com

i have been trying to start up a portland chapter of anti-racist action and ive been posting up flyers about trying to organize a national ethnicity day demonstration for september ninth, if anyone is interested e- mail me at:  steel_toe_sandwich@hotmail.com
thanks for your support,

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