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Portland Peace Encampment Goes to Trial

Members of the Portland Peace Encampment gathered today for a reunion at one of the easiest locations to find them all together, The Injustice Center or the Multnomah County Courthouse. Assistant District Attorney Shannon Gray was ready to proceed after reading the court docket list to ensure that all were guaranteed their "day." Members of the Peace Encampment who were unable or choose not to appear were fined $350 to $500 plus statutory fees and assessments, adding a couple of hundred dollars more to each fine.

The other members of the Portland Peace Encampment in a solidarity movement worked collectively to negotiate a set back date in so that they may find council and file motions of a constitutional nature that address the civil liberties that are being violated by Portland City Code. Pro bono work for these committed activists is most welcome and can be arranged thru member Todd Kurylowicz who can be reached at 971-570-7018. Many thanks to K-BOO for being on hand to document the real news.

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