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our compassionate Fascism - a new a21 INDY video

You've seen a22 -- now read about our film on the a21 Bush protest. It was a very different protest and this new film, A million dollars later, is a distinctly different film.
A still from the first scene of our new film
A still from the first scene of our new film
A photo discussed in Pitt's latest column
A photo discussed in Pitt's latest column

A million dollars later

A million dollars later, a unique take on Bush's recent fund raising trip to the Pacific Northwest, is having its premiere at November's indymedia showings. A million dollars later isn't just another document of another local protest. With a montage of video and interviews from the Seattle and Portland Bush protests our film illustrates a brief but penetrating analysis of the Bush nightmare by William Rivers Pitt.

But, who is William Rivers Pitt? He is as fiery a speaker as he is as a writer. Here is a sample from and a link to his latest truthout.org column:

The Revolution Was Not Televised
By William Rivers Pitt

Friday 31 October 2003

...In America, the Taliban wing of Christianity has assumed power. The banner at that 'patriot' rally [on the right] captures the essence of these frightening extremists: Supporting Bush is placed on the same level as worshipping Jesus, and shot through the middle is the steel fist of weapons and war.

-- William Rivers Pitt's latest commentary from truthout.org.

The Revolution has not been televised, but it is showing this month at a pizza shop, library, college or coffee shop near you.

But make no mistake this isn't a daydream about an imminent progressive revolution. It's your worst nightmare. The revolutionaries we're talking about are the criminals in the White House.

In our new film we carefully edit, illustrate and explicate very brief selections of a speech Pitt delivered during the Seattle protest of Bush's recent visit to the Pacific Northwest. Selections like this:

"Fascism as defined by Mussolini is 'The combination of state and corporate power.' Welcome fortress America to the true face of your leaders. Welcome to the new fascism, to the commercialized market researched narcissistic American fascism."

News you get nowhere else

A million dollars later exposes the a21 conspiracy by the Portland police to take vengeance on peace encampment activists. We don't shrink from our duty to report the local news you won't find in the corporate media. However, A Million Dollars is not focused on what happened to a few white radicals in Portland. This is a film about what how fascism can happen here. And it's a film about fighting back.

See it this month:

  • Thu Nov 6: Red & Black 7 PM
  • Mon Nov 10th Cascade PCC Terrell Lecture Hall 7 PM
    if you live in N. Portland please come out to this first North Portland show.
  • Mon Nov 17th Central Library US bank room 6:30 PM
  • Mon Nov 24th Its A Beautiful Pizza 7 PM

    New venues may be added

A Million Dollars Later is only one of several new films the collective is showing for free this month.

Help us spread the word with this flyer.

No other city in this country, no matter how large, has a collective as active as the PDX indymedia video collective. Come out to show your support.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/11/274270.shtml

thank you video collective 04.Nov.2003 12:52

north portland person

thank you for offering a screening this month in my neighborhood. i'm going to flyer like crazy and spread the word. y'all work so damn hard, and i for one, appreciate it. this is such a spetacular thing to have in my own home town. your videos inspire. finally someone is standing up and telling / showing / teaching our radical history and culture. a breath of fresh air, just when everything feels thick, stagnant, and fucking hopeless. thank you so much.

Thank you north portland person! 04.Nov.2003 16:43


THANK you!!! It's really good to know people care. And thanks for flyering. I look forward to seeing you at the shows!