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Resolution against the Patriot Act passes Portland City Council

A resolution against the Patriot Act passed last Wednesday. There are many ways to view this. As a member of the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee, I'd like to share my view of this important event.

For nearly a year, the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee worked relentlessly to have the City Council pass a resolution. Now they have done it.

Sure, it doesn't include all that we had initially proposed. Yes, it may seem purely symbolic. I ask that people take another look at what the resolution means in the context of the national grassroots movement regarding civil liberties and the JTTF.

First and perhaps easiest, we all know how the current administration and many administrations before have used symbolism and very successfully I might add. Symbolism in these times is incredibly powerful and moves people into action. The content of the resolutions differs greatly. Some include directions for police and some do not. The national grassroots movement has reached the doorsteps of Congressional offices. A good part of why is 1) the shear number of resolutions passed and 2) the call to action people feel from the symbolic nature of the resolutions.

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