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Direct Action at Cattermole Timber Head Office

War in the Woods Moves to Cattermole Timber's Head Office: The war in the woods raging in sacred Elk Creek, near Chilliwack, was brought to Cattermole Timber's head office this morning in a dramatic action taken by a group of forest protectors. A group of about 25 forest protectors and broadcast media visited the Cattermole office in Downtown Vancouver at 1055 W Hastings this morning at 11:20. They scattered saw dust, the remains of a Cheam First Nation sacred site, throughout the office.

Earlier this week, Joe Foy, a spokesperson for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, said, "It's time to halt the logging at Elk Creek. Hundreds of people wrote in to the Chilliwack Forest Service that they did not want the logging - and when it was approved by the Forest Service anyway, it should come as no surprise that people are protesting the logging."

For Interviews Contact June Quipp (Cheam elder): 604-794-5715


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