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Stop ecological and cultural eradication in British Columbia

As of September 29th, 2003, Cattermole Timber Ltd., a logging outfit based in Surrey, B.C., has been operating in a series of clearcut and selective logging zones throughout this area of the Lower Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

Now, after a month of direct action and forest defense, the stakes on the work and lives of a dedicated group of people have just been upped. Instances of physical and verbal abuse of protesters in the work-zones by Cattermole employees have been documented at online sources listed below, as well as on mainstream media broadcasts that aired yesterday evening and throughout today on the Global News Network and CTV. Grassroots appeal to the cessation of forest harvesting is being smothered.

Help is urgently needed in the defense of Elk Creek. Multiple avenues for expressing support can be reviewed on the websites below, as well as perspectives being offered by many allied groups and organizations. People are especially needed who are willing to participate in direct action.

Some links:
news from Cheam and protesters | information from a local conservation group | Western Canada's Wilderness Committee Elk Creek campaign

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