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Senate Fire Bill at Critical Point

Tuesday Oct 28 post: "We have received word from several Senate offices that the Senate version of the so-called Healthy Forests Restoration Act will come up on the Senate floor tomorrow. The actual version of the bill that will come up on the Senate floor is the so-called "compromise" brokered by the Bush Administration and accepted by several pro-logging Republican Senators and Senators Feinstein (D-CA), Wyden (D-OR), Daschle (D-SD), Bacus (D-MT), Lincoln (D-AR), and Johnson (D-SD).

Many Senators are using the fire tragedy in Southern California to ram this bad fire bill through Congress. They claim the legislation would have prevented the Southern California fires. We know, and they know, that it would have done no such thing. Since, the bill is 99% certain to come to the Senate floor tomorrow, several Senators have committed to offering amendments to this bad bill. The main message that we want to get across to Senators is to vote no on the Cochran-Wyden-Feinstein Healthy Forests Substitute bill. Senators should also be asked to support several amendments."

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