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All-Cascadia Conference

Conference news
Well, it seems my mention of a conference in the Cascadia and Ecotopia groups has caused quite a stir. Certainly, we are enjoying a vigorous discussion. Originally, I had put forth the idea of an All-Cascadia Conference in Portland and then B.C. There have been a number of good arguments for both. Perhaps, a better idea, to begin with, would be to hold an online conference. We could use this meeting to organize action in our local areas to build the movement. This meeting could be sooner rather than later. This would only be an organizational meeting; it would plan street/forest action or a true Conference of the People. Input from all over would be welcome. Then we could have a meeting "face-to-face" in the summer, possibly coinciding with another event. I do not see the secession of Cascadia as the end, but the beginning of the revolution to build an ecologically sane, sustainable, cooperative People's Confederation, perhaps worldwide.
Why is your new “homeland” based on a geographic boundary? 28.Oct.2003 10:07


Why would you want to split up Canada and the US based on a geography boundary?

It doesn't mesh very well with the 21st century, and is more closely related to what was done in the 17th century where kings due lines on parchment and called them maps.

The new reality of the world is that countries are drawing new boundaries based on economics and not boarders, rivers, or mountain ranges. The EU for example.

I'm sure that in the next 20 years the Dollar will go the way of the D Mark, and the Franc, and will be replaced with a North American Dollar, or perhaps even a Pan American currency good for all of North, Central, and South America.

This has to be done in order to compete with the EU, and the new Asian economic unions that are now beginning to form.

So, back to my original question. Its fine to be proud of the area you live in, but to try and base an economic and political structure around a pretty mountain range is kind of romantically childish isn't it?

bio-regioinalism at the heart of Cascadia 28.Oct.2003 11:21

autonomous agent

To ?: a little research into the ideas of "bio-regionalism" will answer your question about geographic boundaries tied in with political boundaries. The main point is that ecologically similar regions have unique concerns that cannot be addressed effectively when political control lies outside that region. Cascadia has unique ecological, as well as cultural, features, and political autonomy for the region is the best way to both protect the local environment and take advantage of the regions unique features.

I support the idea of a Cascadian conference. A careful articulation of the arguments for and against political autonomy needs to be done, and a conference of all interested parties is a useful start.

Need more on Cascadia 28.Oct.2003 11:43


You guys have peaked my interest. Where can I learn more about this Cascadia concept? How does one keep update on current events and so on?

Thanks, Pete

drawing lines on maps 28.Oct.2003 12:04


According to ?:

> The new reality of the world is that countries are drawing new boundaries based on economics and not boarders, rivers, or mountain ranges. The EU for example.

Pardon me, but what on earth are you talking about? The EU hasn't resulted in any new lines on the map - it is defined by the existing borders of the member countries. On the other hand, it is hard to deny the "new reality" that existing political boundaries are in conflict everywhere. Northern Spain. Quebec. Palestine. Kurdistan. In large part this is a result of the way lines have been drawn on maps by kings and conquerors, without respect to the actual "ground truth" in these places. The bioregionalists (for better or for worse) advocate drawing such lines on the basis of the actual land (typically, as defined by watersheds). This is undeniably quite different from the approaches of the kings and conquerors of the past.

>So, back to my original question. Its fine to be proud of the area you live in, but to try and base an economic and political structure around a pretty mountain range is kind of romantically childish isn't it?

Well, I reckon that's a matter of opinion. Of course it would be helpful not to distort what the other side is saying - the place bioregionalists call Cascadia is not based on a pretty mountain range. There are a number of people out there who have mapped "Cascadia" and given various explanations for drawing the lines where they do. In general, it is based on the concept of the watershed and encompasses much more than simply the Cascade mountain range.

Since you've offered your opinion (it's a romantically childish idea) I'll go ahead and offer mine: it makes a load of sense. Have you ever read "The Nine Nations of North America" by Joel Garreau? This is the way to draw boundaries based on things that make sense: economically, socio-culturally, and ecologically.

to pete 28.Oct.2003 17:57

learn more

Hey Pete,

I was not aware of this conference, but i do know that there is a Cascadia national Party. I'm not sure of the website name, but if you go to google and type in Cascadia National Party it will take you there. The sight has a manifesto, platform, and a few updates now and then. it also has a link to a yahoo group for online discussion.

to ?,

Your understanding of history, political economics, 20th century resistance movements, bio-regionalism, and political representation is sadly lacking.

any new lines on the map.. 28.Oct.2003 20:53


My point was that in the 21st century the lines on a map are becoming thought of as somewhat one dimensional in a three dimensional world.

The EU is a perfect example of this. For hundreds if not thousands of years these same countries/tribes/cultures however you wish to classify them, have been warring with each other over lines on maps, who rules who, and so on.

Now for the first time in History they have put aside things that would normally have sent them into complete turmoil, and are cooperating, not on redrawing lines on maps but on a common currency, common trade laws, common punishments for offenders, and a entire host of other things.

Yes, they still retain their individual cultures, and language to some extent, but this too will meld over time. They have reasoned that they function better as a team, then a bunch of individuals. They do this not as subjects of some oppressive empire force feeding this to them, but by each individual country voting on surrendering their own economic and political autonomy for the good of the whole.

This is a freighting concept to some, ones who believe that every orderly structure should collapse into chaos I suspect.

Others see it as an opportunity. I agree the jury is still out, and it maybe over a hundred years before anyone knows for sure if it a success, but that doesn't mean other countries will wait that long to rearrange their own economic structures in a similar manner. This will not be done to be trendy, but as a means of economic, and perhaps political survival.

Getting back to creating a new "homeland". If one creates a monolithic entity based on the same political beliefs (this assumes that you can find at least 50% of the population who want to do this), economic, and geography strengths, then it is bound to fail, as would an inbred child with a family tree with no branches.

If you don't believe me look at Seattle, HIGH TECH MONSTER, AIRCRAFT KING and now BOOM! It blew itself apart because of a failure to diversify. The lesson, and thankfully the trend is to diversify, and not go marry your sister because she votes for the same politicians you do.

I don't need to read a book about how the US is really a bunch of balkanized regions who really want to do their own thing. Everybody knows that. Its been that way in America since the end of last Ice Age. The Indians tribes hacked each other to pieces because of differences, and when Europeans came here they began hacking the Indians to pieces along with each other. The French, the Dutch, The Spanish, The English all went at each other. The French wish they had the Louisiana purchase back, the Russians still claim Alaska, The Mexicans, the lion's share of the Western US, The Norse want Upper Mississippi valley, the Blacks want the Southern Atlantic Seaboard, and he remainder of the Indians want it all back..

And now the Neo-COMS want the pacific northwest.

If I've left anyone out, please forgive me.

Lucky for all of us Americans, these groups are basically shit out of luck, because even within these groups, the majority still knows deep down they are better off together, than as a bunch of splintered parts.

All-Cascadia Conference 29.Oct.2003 07:40

Philip E. Thrap cascade_rebel

I am hoping to hold an online meeting for discussion. Sun 7PM PST. Pete here are some URLs  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bioregionalism/  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cascadiaconfederacy/  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cascadian_Nation/  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/therepublicofcascadia/  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cascadiaalliance/

? The whole point of Bioregionalism is to combat World Economic Domination that is now occuring, Like the EU, NAFTA, Iraq, etc. It doesn't mean the end of global cooperation, most likely it would bring about cooperation at a human level.

include NorCal in Cascadia 30.Oct.2003 14:27

King Hypocrite (aka moth)

the region of Norcal could be a part of Cascadia also. Since we have a neo-nazi puppet of Bush in Sacramento pulling strings of the north, this would be a good time to leave the state of fake energy crisis and colorado river water theft..

some of us are still dependent on the government for food and such, it is part of this fear that keeps people dependent on the "free cheese" and avoidance of independence and bioregionalism..

..if it came down to it, i would gladly throw down my crown of King Hypocrite and join the movement for self governance and free state Cascadia..

..the free government cheese has been rancid for some time now, my reflex to puke is coming soon..