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Genetically Engineered Foods Pose Higher Risk for Children

Children's bodies develop at a fast pace and are more likely to be influenced and show the effects of genetically engineered foods. That is why independent scientist used young adolescent rats in their GM feeding studies. The rats showed significant health damage after only 10 days, including damaged immune systems and digestive function, smaller brains, livers, etc.
Genetically Engineered Foods Pose Higher Risk for Children
Young, fast-developing bodies are influenced most

Children's bodies develop at a fast pace and are more likely to be influenced and show the effects of genetically modified (GM) foods. That is why independent scientists used young adolescent rats in their GM feeding studies. The rats showed significant health damage after only 10 days, including damaged immune systems and digestive function, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, and potentially pre-cancerous cell growth in the intestines.

Children are more susceptible to Allergies

Children are three to four times more prone to allergies than adults. Infants below two years old are at greatest risk-they have the highest incidence of reactions, especially to new allergens encountered in the diet. Even tiny amounts of allergens can sometimes cause reactions in children. Breast fed infants can be exposed via the mother's diet, and fetuses may possibly be exposed in the womb. Michael Meacher, the former minister of the environment for the UK, said, "Any baby food containing GM products could lead to a dramatic rise in allergies." GM corn is particularly problematic for children, as they generally eat a higher percentage of corn in their diet. Further, allergic children often rely on corn protein. Mothers using cornstarch as a talc substitute on their children's skin might also inadvertently expose them via inhalation.

Children are more susceptible to problems with milk

Milk and dairy products from cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) contain an increased amount of the hormone IGF-1, which is one of the highest risk factors associated with breast and prostate cancer. The Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association called for more studies to determine if ingesting "higher than normal concentrations of [IGF-1] is safe for children, adolescents, and adults." Sam Epstein, M.D., Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and author of eight books, wrote, "rbGH and its digested products could be absorbed from milk into blood, particularly in infants, and produce hormonal and allergic effects." He described how "cell-stimulating growth factors . . . could induce premature growth and breast stimulation in infants, and possibly promote breast cancer in adults." Dr. Epstein pointed out that the hormones in cows could promote the production of "steroids and adrenaline-type stressor chemicals . . . likely to contaminate milk and may be harmful, particularly to infants and young children."

Children are more susceptible to nutritional problems

A 2002 report by the UK's Royal Society, said that genetic modification "could lead to unpredicted harmful changes in the nutritional state of foods." They therefore recommended that potential health effects of GM foods be rigorously researched before being fed to pregnant or breast-feeding women, elderly people, those suffering from chronic disease, and babies. Likewise, according to former minister Meacher, unexpected changes in estrogen levels in GM soy used in infant formula "might affect sexual development in children," and that "even small nutritional changes could cause bowel obstruction."

Children are in danger from antibiotic resistant diseases

Children prone to ear and other infections are at risk of facing antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, due to the use of antibiotic resistant genes in GM food. The British Medical Association cited this as one reason why they called for a moratorium of GM foods.

Source: Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating
by Jeffrey Smith
Cockroach Genes in your Foods 28.Oct.2003 10:26


European newspapers are calling the feeding experiment on the American people the next "thalidomide" story.
Most American consumers are totally ignorant about the actual science behind the creation of these lab monstrosities. Most people, that even think about GMO food, have information that is completely controlled by the corporations that developed the technology. Therefore they are misinformed and believe the GMO food is just a sped up version of the breeding programs that have been employed by plant hybriders for centuries and they could not be more wrong.
Only in the US are the people eating almost 79% GMO food without even realizing it. If it is having a negative effect how will anyone know?
No labels are allowed, with the FDA actually going after any producer that labels their food as non-GMO. The FDA is using the same model to suppress information on GMO food as they did on the BST milk.
When the American based corporations tried to force Europe and Japan into accepting non-labeled GMO products they refused. The Japanese government decided to wait and see how the "guinea pig" population eating this GMO food in America fare and after a decade they will revisit their decision.
Now these corporations are bringing suit against these countries through the WTO to force fines on them until they accept this junk food for their populations.

... 28.Oct.2003 12:23

this thing here

how long have humans been farming and eating wheat, corn, rice and soybeans? and salmon, pigs and cows?

thousands and thousands of years.

in other words, humans have evolved to be able to eat this food. and this food has evolved to be able to be eaten by humans.

so here comes monsanto and the like. they mutate corn (or salmon, for example) so that it's genes contain a poison called BT (likewise, so that it genes contain some kind of magical proteins that allow it to mature in hlaf the time), which is deadly to corn borers, yet supposedly perfectly safe for human beings. monsanto claims there's no difference between the two kinds of corn. in fact, monsanto just loves to say that BT corn is EXACTLY the same as regular corn.

yet humans have been eating regular, unmodified corn (or soybeans, or pigs, or salmon...) for thousands of years. those thousands of years have been the testing period on the effects of corn on the human body. so how long have humans been eating BT corn? a few years? so somehow, a few years of testing is supposed to be the same testing period as thousands of years? how does that work monsanto? yes?....

many humans seem to believe they are somehow magically separate and isolated from the animals and plants they depend on. yet they are NOT separate or isolated IN ANY WAY AT ALL. they are the SAME. they are full of the same atoms, amino acids and proteins and salts and sugars and hormones and water as the food they eat and the food their animals eat. so to believe that humans can fuck with their food without fucking with themselves is the absolute height of stupidity and arrogance.

and not only is it the height of stupidity and arrogance, it's also being done for some fucked up, WRONG reasons. everything the likes of monsanto does is NOT, repeat NOT, being done for the animals, is NOT being done for the plants, is NOT being done for the farmers, is NOT being done for agriculture, is NOT being done for the people who eat the food, it is simply being done to squeeze an extra buck out of living things by changing their genes. soybeans and salmon and corn and who knows what elese are all being fucked with because they DON'T make enough money, because they can't take the pesticide, because they don't grow fast enough, because their fecal matter has too much phosphorous, NOT because they are failing to feed the world. how evil and greedy can we get. why not apply the same logic to humans? what the fuck is stopping us? why not change our genes so that children grow up three times faster and can begin working at mcdonalds or the factory at age 6? or have children younger so there will be even more workers? or never go to sleep so that we can work and shop forever? or never die so we can work and shop forever? what the fuck is stopping us? evolution? noooo, there is no evolution anymore, there's only genetic labs and the decisions of scientists and businessmen. don't we want to make more money and go shopping more? we've applied this same evil, greedy, fucked "logic" to our food and other living things, so why not apply it to us?......................