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Censorship at Oprah.com

Help us to Have our Voices and Views Heard From Around the World
In the wake of 9/11 Oprah was the only mainstream talk show host who attempted to address the issue of US foreign policy. She encouraged people, Americans in particular, to "wake up" to what the government was doing. Her shows on Anti-Americanism and Why Attack Iraq generated huge discussion and debate, not least of which on her message boards.

A group of posters have continued this mission of bringing to the forefront political and social issues for discussion and debate. Another group of rightwing posters have sought from the beginning to shut down any criticism of the US government.

Oprah's board moderators have censored and censured any subject that might be seen as criticism of the US government, and have shut discussion boards down due to the complaints and disruptions caused by the other group. It has reached a level where Oprah's boards can no longer be used to discuss anything to do with politics or the US government.

Oprah's new message? Go back to sleep.

Oprah's staff justify it this way: "Oprah.com is a place for members worldwide to form friendships, find support, and offer advice and encouragement. In our Message Boards and O Groups, we encourage open discussion regarding issues affecting people all over the world. However, we want to remind members to participate in these discussions for the purposes intended: to encourage open, positive dialogue. We ask that members refrain from posting hateful and negative messages. These posts are not conducive to Oprah's mission of living your best life, can alienate our members and violate our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy."

And: "As stated above, the O Groups are here for encouragement, friendship and support. Oprah.com members participating in these communities come from all over the world. If you wish to debate politics and governmental policies, there are many websites that welcome your comments without hurting the feelings of the members who participate. We hope it isn't your intent to disrupt and hurt the members who participate in the O Groups."

Political messages on the boards were never hateful or disruptive, but simply truthful about what the US government is doing. We invite you to view the messages on the discussion boards and participate in defending the First Amendment.

Please become a member and lend your support. Log onto Oprah.com, go to "O Groups", "The Meeting Place", "Illumari: Circle of Women", "The Rainbow Bridge". Alternatively, go to "O Groups", "The Meeting Place", "Other Groups", "Getting Together, Let's Talk".

Also, we have it under the title of "Illumari: Circle of Women" but please all are invited to participate. All are welcome, come one come all!

Please also use the website to write to Oprah directly to express your concerns. Thank you.
Quit wasting your time with Oprah 27.Oct.2003 20:46

anne frank

She is a minstrel for the corporate elite. She always hasbeen. Her mission is to sell products by promoting an artificial sentimentality and "positive" message, a process which has now become a science. Oprah knows how to extract emotion and exploit it. She and others learn how to do it and it works on all of us humans. It is a science.

Kelly Campbell, in the book, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: Turning our Grief into Action for Peace(2003) says this about the group's expereince with Oprah in June of 2002: (The show had "packaged" their Afghanistan footage). "It was apparent that it had been edited. You could watch footage that actually shows people suffering because of US military action, and be misled into thinking it was people suffering because of the Taliban."(page 118). "After being on several conservative talk shows, like Fox's Hannity and Colmes, the Oprah show was the most restraining TV experience I ever had. Everyone else was perfectly fine with me presenting my point of view in whetever way I wanted to. But I guess Oprah's in the enertainment business", says Eva Rupp, another member of September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows(ibid,Page 119).

Don't let Oprah play with your head . Turn her off.

Oprah-ession 27.Oct.2003 21:37

Former Oprah fan

I always suspected these things of Oprah, from times LONG before 9-11. She seemed very pleased about our actions in Serbia as well the travesties of Somalia. Come to think of it, I can't recall a single war or "operation" that she taken issue with. It's a shame when a person wielding so much power can be so heartless. Boycott all things marketed by oprah, all her advertisers, and even anything Oprah flavored. We must vote with our wallets, as it's all she understands now
Looking at her the only thing i can say for sure is that GW's coital emissions must be packed with callories.