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I have been given my marching orders

Someone suggested I form a poetry/art collective.
I would be willing to share my background with others interested in expanding the abilities, especially for use in the political arena.

I have written several poems here on Indymedia Portland.

I have also written and presented speeches at city hall.

Let's see what we can put together.
"I form a collective" 27.Oct.2003 18:45


not trying to be snide
or condescending.
it's just that
we forms a collective.
a collective of one is still just an



a lesson (i hope
in organizing.

Baaa-a-a-d Idea 27.Oct.2003 22:35

Haiku Stu

grooming of the bleeting sheep
Shorn of base mens needs.

Think of yourself first
Dont drag creative dead weight
Take all the credit