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Recent News From the National Democratic Front of South Korea

Various Articules From the Recent NDFSK Newsreport
October 27, Juche 92 (2003)

Songun Study Room and NDFSK tribute page

formulated on website of SPSG(USA)

On last Oct. 7 the Songun Politics Study Group(USA) formulated a "Songun Study Room" and a NDFSK tribute page on its website.

It can be described as a precious fruition of the ardent and devoted solidarity activities of the comrades of the Songun Politics Study Group(USA) for following the ever-victorious Songun politics of Kim Jong Il, great sun of the 21st century, and supporting our nation's reunification cause and the patriotic struggle of the NDFSK and the south Korean people.

The NDFSK fighters and the patriotic south Korean people are deeply moved by the faithfulness to the international duty and warm solidarity shown by the comrades of the SPSG(USA).

The "Songun Study Room" carried in state the portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Marshal Kim Jong Il as well as valuable data reflecting the essence, validity and vitality of the Songun politics including the March 21, 2003 editorial of "Rodongsinmun": "Songun Idea, Invincible Banner of Cause of Independence".

Besides, the NDFSK tribute page contains the articles manifesting the warm ties between the NDFSK and the SPSG(USA) under the title " National Democratic Front of South Korea: Our Comrades in the Anti-Imperialist Songun Struggle".

To learn more, refer to www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup.

SPSG(USA) Chairman sent poem of praise to

Marshal Kim Jong Il

John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group(USA), sent a poem of praise to Marshal Kim Jong Il on last Oct.10 on the occasion of the 58th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The poem inspires the NDFSK vanguards and the patriotic south Korean people with an endless pride of having the peerless great man as the leader of the nation.

Here follows the full text of it.

A Poem for Comrade Kim Jong Il

Supreme Commander of the People's Army,

Red, the color of Blood.

Like Lenin did so long ago,

You lead the people free.

The gun before the hammer and sickle shall conquer tyranny.

Single-hearted unity.

Death defying pride

Your Father was a liberator of mankind

You are the greatest threat to our enemy,

your example to hold dear.

Dear Leader, just a simple man,

but a genius just the same.

Sun of Songun Marshal

Mt. Baekdu, your home.

Should a fascist clique,

try any aggressive tricks

We'll help you break their bones.

Your enemy,

is our enemy,

is the enemy of us all.

One day, I guarantee you,

US Imperialism will fall.

Tattered, Torn, and Hopeless,

Comrade, you're our best.

This is a state of Wretchedness,

a world in duress.

We are with you for socialism.

We are with you for communism!!

We are with you Comrade Kim Jong Il,

for yours is a belief in the greatness of the masses.

Statement of NDFSK spokesman

Now the public criticism is high throughout south Korea over the anti-north Korean frenzy of ultra rightist conservatives.

On September 28, the reactionary ¡°Citizens Coalition against North Korean Nuke¡± held a rally at Boramae Park, Seoul and called for tough measures against alleged ¡°north Korean nuclear threat¡± and government¡¯s acceptance of Washington¡¯s request for additional dispatch of south Korean troops to Iraq. At the rally the rightists burnt the flag of north Korea.

The NDFSK scathingly denounces the rash acts of the anti-north Korean fanatics as the desperate efforts of the United States, the south Korean opposition Grand National Party and other ultra rightist conservatives to cool down the ever-increasing public feelings for independent reunification against the United States and return the bettering inter-Korean relations back to confrontational and war situation and as never-to-be condoned frenzy against nation and reunification of the country.

More unpardonable is the fact the authorities concerned overlooked the anti-north Korean fanatics.

Since the historic June 15, 2000 South-North Joint Declaration was adopted, the north has suspended any kinds of acts irritating the south, true to the agreement on respecting each other¡¯s social system.

In particular, the north has once again warned against the repeated anti-north Korean moves of the ultra conservative organizations of south Korea, out of the apprehension of the bad affect on the inter-Korean relations, and Seoul authorities had promised to bar recurrence.

Nevertheless, the anti-reunification frantic moves increase in case and level and even the abuses on the north Korean social system grows ever more. But the authorities do not control such behaviors.

It is in fact betray to the opposite part of dialogue and to the faith.

Three years have passed since the joint declaration was signed. Under the condition that such organizations insulting the opposite part of the talks are active even today, no one can expect either the faithful implementation of the joint declaration or improvement of the relations.

If the authorities intend to carry out the joint declaration and better the inter-Korean relations, they should make an apology and pledge to prevent recurrence.

They should also disband the traitorous anti-reunification conservative organizations that abuse the north Korean system with the backing of the United States and the GNP and sternly punish all the anti-north Korean fanatics.

All south Koreans, together with the entire nation, will never forgive the anti-reunification rightists running counter to the history of the nation.


October 1, Juche 92 (2003)

Reasons of public opposition to troop dispatch to Iraq

Public controversy is high over the combat troop dispatch to Iraq requested by the United States. A flat refusal has not made to the US Iraqi War of aggression, but pros and cons are divergent as to the unreasonable request for troop dispatch. It is quite disgraceful. There is no reason to send our combat troops to Iraq. But there are many reasons for rejecting the request.

First, the whole world opposed the US Iraqi War, for it was neither reasonable nor justifiable. It has not yet proved whether Baghdad supported the September 11 incidents and developed weapons of mass destruction. Of late, it was revealed that the United States and Great Britain concocted information to make a pretext of military strike against Iraq.

Even if Baghdad had helped the terrorism and developed unclear weapons, it cannot be a justifiable reason of the US war of aggression. War should be considered as a last lever to settle problems. The whole course and final result of the US Iraqi War showed that the US Iraqi War of aggression was thoughtless.

As a reason of the war Americans advocated to free the Iraqi people from Hussein¡¯s despotism. But they have not yet found him but killed 5,000‑6,000 innocent Iraqi people at least.

Because of the unreasonableness of the US invasion of Iraq and Washington¡¯s request for troop dispatch, even the south Korean opposition Grand National Party, which has unconditionally followed Americans, is hesitant to call for the troop dispatch in the van, while creating behind‑the‑scene opinion.

Second, dispatch of the south Korean combat troops to Iraq, if realized, will lead to Bush¡¯s reelection in next year¡¯s presidential election. Reportedly, over 200‑300 US troops were killed and thousands were injured in Iraq, besides, tremendous amount of money was squandered there.

Bush¡¯s popularity and the possibility of his reelection fell down as the war expenses and the war dead increase day by day even after his declaration of victory in the war. So he presses south Korea and other followers of the United States to send money and combat troops. For the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and peace of the world it is imperative to prevent Bush¡¯s reelection. Since he took office as President, the inter‑Korean reconciliation and cooperation have been disturbed, the friction between north Korea and the United States has grown acute, the relation between south Korea and the United States deteriorated and the world situation became unstable. A wide drive to defeat Bush in the forthcoming presidential election will certainly debut before long in and out of the United States. It is really preposterous to help him to be elected again even by dedicating money and youthful lives.

Third, a dispatch of south Korean combat troops to Iraq is a suicidal act, which leads to US bombing on north Korea or a war in this peninsula. Throughout the 20th century, no other countries but the United States committed so many wars.

After the end of the Second World War, in particular, the United States bombed or invaded other nations on about 70 cases. It means that the United States has its troops deployed in 100‑odd countries of the world and committed bombings and invasion once or twice every year.

In the 21st century, too, the Bush government warns that the United States is ready even for a nuclear war against China, Russia, Iraq, north Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria and designates Iraq, north Korea and Iran as an ¡°axis of evil¡± .

It has invaded Iraq and is now continuing provocations against north Korea and Iran.

The United States had performed the war so easily in Afghanistan and the Bush group did not hesitate to invade Iraq. If the Bush group ended the war with easy in Iraq either, it will be elated with great confidence in the war to commit bombings against north Korea or Iran.

A bombing on north Korea will lead to a Korean War, which will kill innumerable military troops and civilians both in the south and the north of Korea. It is the biggest reason why we should not help the US invasion of Iraq in any case.

The United States should suffer a big loss in Iraq, so that Bush and other hawkish group of the United States cannot but give up the ambition of aggression and the moderates of the US Administration and Congress can harden their positions against war.

Fourth, there is no reason why we south Koreans should have our young people die in Iraq for American troops, even offering a large amount of money for the United States.

Even if the United States suffers from difficulties, invaded by Iraq or other countries, we may help Americans militarily or economically. Now the United States is embarrassed in dilemma because it committed wrong war in Iraq to grasp the oil there in disregard of the world¡¯s opposition.

In order to get rid of the dilemma, Americans should form an autonomous government of Iraq and transfer the power to it as soon as possible in response to the advice of its allies, Iraqi people and the United Nations.

Fifth, a dispatch of south Korean troops to Iraq will invite retaliation from Arabs or Muslims. Americans say they have ended the Iraqi War victoriously. But the resistant forces in Iraq and other Islamic nations never surrendered.

The war ended, but battles continue. We should pay attention under this situation to the fact that more US troops were killed by Iraqi guerrillas after the war than those killed during the war.

If south Korean troops occupy a region of Iraq in place of US troops, the Arab and Islamic resistant forces will take guerrilla or other retaliatory attacks against south Korean troops and civilians.

As the terrorist attack on Americans increased after the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, we should know that a south Korean airplane or the 63 Building in Seoul may be a target of terrorism because of south Korean military occupation of Iraq.

Sixth, we have suffered from tremendous disaster. We had a great loss amounting to trillions of won due to a typhoon. The result of survey estimates that it will take no less than a year to rehabilitate the damage.

If we have 3,000 or about 10,000 troops and fund to send to Iraq, we should send them all to the typhoon‑hit area to help flood victims and shorten the restoration period.

Seventh, if we expect to get the oil and construction concession in Iraq by sending troops there, it is a revelation of the dangerous and superficial capitalist nature.

It is really dreadful and superficial to intend to stake our youngsters and kill innocent Iraqi people to win the favor of the United States.

It is of course unclear that we can get economic profits enough to make up the precious lives and immense expenses for maintenance of troops there. Moreover, the private individuals or companies or the country should earn the money fairly to use it with pride.

We should have right and sound view of value for the sake of justice and peace even though we tighten our belts, rather than to involve ourselves in a war for a piece of bread.

Eighth, Washington may retaliate on us for our rejection of its request for troop dispatch. But we should accept it as a good opportunity to become an independent state.

The United States has the will and ability to threat to withdraw its troops and investment from south Korea or to degrade south Korea¡¯s credit rating now.

Then how long should we live as a subject country of the United States? We have lived as a servile people of the country, which has been sarcastically called as the 51st state of the United States for nearly 60 years.

It is desirable to live proudly along with other nations, rather than to be scorned and alienated by Asian and European nations for currying favor only with the strongest country of the 200-¡©odd countries of the world.


All the south Korean people who love justice and peace should unite their efforts to bar the government from making a wrong decision.

Once the government makes a resolution, we can hardly reverse it, however wrong it may be. It is more easy and effective to launch even a signature collecting campaign before the government decides, rather than to stage a death‑defying struggle after a resolution is made.

All the south Korean people and organizations desirous of peace should therefore launch signature campaigns against troop dispatch to Iraq in their workshops and residing districts across the country.

(Lee Jae‑bong, professor of the political administration and press department, Yungwang University)

Progressive personages and organizations hail

Songun Politics Study Group(USA) active in pro-DPRK

and pro-NDFSK solidarity activities

On last Aug.24 the genuine US communist activists warmly revering Leader Kim Jong Il and admiring his Songun politics formed the Songun Politics Study Group for the first time in the United States, heartland of imperialism, in order to energize the solidarity activities for defending the Songun cause of north Korea and supporting the patriotic struggle of the NDFSK and the south Korean people.

They formulated on Sept. 6 a website for studying and disseminating Kim Jong Il's Songun politics. Still more, they created a "Songun Study Room" and a NDFSK tribute page on their website to conduct a dynamic solidarity drive to defend the Songun politics and support our nation's cause for reunification.

Their active solidarity infuses great confidence and encouragement into the south Korean people in their struggle to realize the anti-US independence and national reunification, upholding the June 15 joint declaration under the leadership of the great sun of Songun.

Meanwhile, the formation of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) receives warm congratulations from progressive personages and solidarity organizations in different countries.

Here goes a glimpse of it.

¡â Alejandro Cao de Benos, KFA Chairman, sent congratulations to the SPSG(USA) on Aug.25.

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations in front of the foundation of the Songun Politics Study Group in the USA.

With full confidence that your work will contribute to expand the theory and achievements of our Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, defending the validity of the Songun policy to protect the achievements of the socialism and preserve the peace, I wish you the best success and victories in your honorable mission.


Alejandro Cao de Benos

Special Delegate -DPRK Government

President of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA)

Delegate Counselor of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK)

Barcelona, 25th August 2003 (Juche 92)

¡â "Islam and Marx News"(Internet) celebrated the formation of the SPSG(USA) on Sept. 29.

By Majdur Travail

Source:  http://majdur.htmlplanet.com/Editor/welcome.spsg.29sept03.html

Welcome Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

The promulgation of a Songun Politics Study Group (SPSG) in the United States has been long overdue. As you may well know the militarization of the Communist Party in the United States corresponds to the actual militarization of American society.

The working class, in standing in diametrical opposition to the militarization of domestic bourgeois politics, must organize itself with the expressed aim of creating de facto material realities on the ground by opposing bourgeois militarism and war with the working class of the Songun politics and placing the sword before the hammer and sickle. May it lead to the peaceful co-existence among all nations.

May the Songun Politics Study Group [SPSG], in forming new pivot point in the axis of resistance, lay the theoretical foundation for those new material realities.


Islam and Marx News


¡â Arab Progressive Coalition in North America sent a letter to the NDFSK in regard to the formation of the SPSG(USA) on Oct. 4.

With great excitement we, members of the Arab communist movement at large and in the USA in specific, followed the development of the formation of the Songun Politics Study Group in the USA, a group dedicated to supporting the DPRK and studying its Songun policy.

With equal enthusiasm and joy we read the response of the Pyongyang Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK) in a show of international solidarity and worker-oriented politics in celebration of the formation of the Songun Politics Study Group USA.

We saw the great understanding the NDFSK shows to the danger of imperialism and the importance of solidarity work with our comrades deep in the belly of the beast, US imperialism.

We were particularly impressed by their understanding of US imperialism's plans to use south Korean blood to kill Arabs in Iraq.

It is clear that the capitalist US serpent works against humanity and against internationalism by its reactionary nature.

It is clear it no longer can stand in front of the brave Iraqi successes in guerrilla warfare and now wants to solicit Korean blood to stop the brave resistance. To use Korean blood to hide its failure in subduing the people of Iraq.

The NDFSK also shows us the way through the drive they have to support working class-oriented groups, like the Songun Politics Study Group USA and for its commitment to reunification of the Korean nation.

The Songun Politics Study Group USA will be working hard to bring international solidarity to the DPRK foremost in the USA and through the US working class against the murdering bourgeoisie classes of George Bush and company.

While here inside the USA the poor people are dying in thousands out of homelessness, sickness, poverty and illiteracy, George Bush and company are out there splitting the Korean people apart like they work hard to split the Arab people apart.

We stand firm in support of the DPRK in its brave anti-imperialist stance. We stand along its side in solidarity against US imperialism's plans for our world.

We are forwarding this letter to join in the celebration of the Songun Politics Study Group(USA) and to forward it on to our Arab and internationalist comrades.

Please help us in spreading this news and to show more solidarity with this great communist nation that is teaching US imperialism a lesson it will not soon forget.

The stronger the DPRK is, the weaker US imperialism is and the more the working classes of the world are strengthened.

To learn more:

National Salvation Front: www.ndfsk.dyndns.org/Title1.htm

Korean Friendship Association's website: www.korea.dpr.com/ndfsk1.htm

Songun Politics Study Group (USA): www.geocities.com/ songunpoliticsstudygroup

Arab Progressive Coalition in North America

homepage: homepage: http://ndfsk.dyndns.org/ndfsk/com_oct27_2003/ndfsk_front_page.htm

Bizzaro Party of States United Give Big Welcome to Songun! 27.Oct.2003 18:31

It Am Bizzaro Chairman


it am bizzaro party chairman,

it am all joke, this songun.

me make up songun to trick superman! only trick stupidman.

no poetry no more please. it am big mistake!

don"t quit day job.

??? 27.Oct.2003 21:41


Stupid Fucking Idiots for Oppression Study Group.

You guys don't have to be mocked, you do it all yourself. Now quite kidding around and get your shit together. And quite posting your quasi-fascist bullshit here.

Didn't I see this on a really bad rerun of M * A * S * H ? 27.Oct.2003 22:15


No, it wasn't MASH , it was the movie Volunteers with Tom Hanks, and where John Candy gets brainwashed by the Communist Guerillas and starts shouting off silliness about the People's Army, and the People's Truck, and the People's Potato Salad, or whatever, anyway he made more sense that the original post.

Songun study group 28.Oct.2003 14:05


Does anyone here actually read the information contained about the ant- imperalist struggle taking place in Korea or is it just beyond your small apathetic minds. I know we are very culturally deprived here in the USofA but actually read about the gains made internationally by North Korea and the heroic stance of their comrades in SOUTH KOREA against USimperilism and their objections to sending Korean troops as lackeys to Iraq.... In my opinion thats much more substance then we have here the so called movement here still argues over whether we should support our troops.If you are going to post objections to this group why dont you post factual information to back your claims of this group being facists and quit posting stupid quotes from movies glorifing aggressive imperialist acts of this country in a comic fashion. It turns my stomache whether you agree with the solidarity this group has with the revolutionary movement in Korea and their leadership or not is irrelivant while you drimk your pabst blue ribbon and sew your classwarfare patch on your carhartts and watch reruns of M.A.S.H there are people paying in blood to take a princabled stance against the attrocities commtied by your country around the world.


PS soory if my english was structered wrong in this reply I dont type much

Get off your moralistic high horse Abu 28.Oct.2003 20:15



This conversation has been going on for months. When folks challenge "Songun", when they question North Korean's pseado-socialism, their challenges are met with silence. It is the Songun Politics Group that are cowards.

As for you, don't give me that people are dying because of my apathy shit. I know people are dying and I am trying to do my best to stop it. I also know people who have been physically assaulted here, including myself. I knew old timers who did hard time for the cause and I know they knew folks who were murdered by the US capitalists here in the states.

Stick a fork in your Stalinist ideology. It is dead, over with, done. Songun theory isn't going to save people, it will only continue the misery, both in the US and in Korea. People are dying because of your stupid ideology. You are the one who should feel guilty.

In the case of the Iraqi war, Songunites are a pathetic excuse for revolutionaries. You can't even raise to the level of Lenin's call for Revolutionary Defeatism, that soldiers need to mutiny and turn their guns around and use them on their leaders, in the US, in iraq and in the Koreas. Sub-leninists, patheitic stalinists. You are nothing but a bunch of two-bit national state-capitalist tin-horn would be leaders.

Full of it 28.Oct.2003 20:22


You're full of shit. To point to North Korea as taking a heroic stance against US Imperialsim is to reduce the anti-imperialist struggle to the level of an idiot's game. To extol North Korea as anything to aspire to or defend is to support oppression and murder. It's the flip-side of being a pro-US Imperialist. You are no better than a Bush supporter. Then again you probably support Stalin and Pol Pot too. My enemies enemy is Not my friend.

For a liberatory anti-imperialism! Get a clue buddy.

I said it before, and I'll say it again 28.Oct.2003 21:44


What are the odds that the fattest man in all of North Korea is also the president of North Korea?

DPRK Reality in Yodok, Kaechon, Haengyong Kwan-Li-So (Concentration Camps) 31.Oct.2003 01:04


The sad reality in the DPRK are horrible prison camps, like Nazi German concentration camps.
As long as these camps exist I cannot morally support any heroic struggle for Songun or Juche.

Detailed information about the Kwan-Li-So can be found on this site:


Everyone who supports Songun or Juche or the DPRK should read this report first.
And then ask yourself: Do you really want to support this?
Do you have no mercy with the innocent victims?
I think no whatsoever heroic struggle justifies such atrocities.

The DPRK officially denies the existence of the Kwan-Li-So.
In case you believe this, ask yourself:
Why then did the DPRK never allow the United Nations or Amnesty International to visit the Kwan-Li-So?