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Bombs rock Baghdad

Four blasts rocked Baghdad today, killing about 30 people, including two U.S. soldiers, and wounding more than 200 others, U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi hospital officials said. U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling said that "foreign fighters" appear to be behind the wave of bombings
What a coincident in timing? One can call it a welcome to Ramadan, and I can say Iran obviously is NOT happy disclosing their chemical reactor plans ...
Their signature is all over it.


U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling said that "foreign fighters" appear to be behind the wave of bombings. He said that they were all suicide attacks and that the coordination appeared "amateurish." All the bombings took place between 8:30 and 10:15 a.m.

President Bush blamed the attacks on "a handful of people who don't want to live in freedom."

"There are terrorists in Iraq who are willing to kill anybody in order to stop our progress," Bush said during a brief photo opportunity after meeting at the White House with L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. administrator in Iraq, and Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East.

"The more success we have on the ground, the more these killers will react -- and our job is to find them and bring them to justice."

At least 12 people -- including at least nine Iraqis and a suicide bomber -- were killed and more than 20 wounded in an attack on the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in central Baghdad, according to officials.

Monday was the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

"It looks like a coordinated terror campaign to coincide with the first day of the holy month of Ramadan to create a sense of panic and a sense of a complete lack of security," said Samir Sumaidy of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council.

"It's a criminal series of actions which we believe is aimed at also getting the international community to remove its presence here and stop supporting the transition that's taking place."

Baghdad Police Chief Maj. Bassem Alani said that at least 16 people died and 94 were wounded in attacks on three Iraqi police stations. An attempt on a fourth police station was thwarted. In that attempt, Iraqi police said they wounded a Syrian national and took him into custody.

These attacks came a day after four U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq -- including one in a rocket strike on Baghdad's Al Rashid Hotel.

Two American soldiers died in one of Monday's bombings, but coalition officials could not say which one. In addition, they said, another Iraqi policeman was killed and five were wounded.

Coalition officials said an unknown number of American troops were injured in at least one station bombing.

Hertling praised the work of Iraqi policemen, saying they prevented many more deaths and injuries. One of the bombers, he said, arrived at a police station in an Iraqi police car and wearing an Iraqi police uniform "so they let him in, or there would have been even less."

Hertling said Iraqi police stopped an explosives-laden vehicle from entering the Red Cross compound. The driver detonated his explosives when police stopped him, Hertling said.

Red Cross spokeswoman Nada Doumani said the bombing was a shock.

"Maybe it was an illusion to think people would understand after 23 years that we are unbiased," Doumani said. "I can't understand why we've been targeted."

The Red Cross has been providing humanitarian assistance in Iraq since 1980.

Red Cross officials vowed to continue their work in Iraq despite the attack. (Full story)

Since the Iraq war began in March, 353 U.S. troops have been killed, including 229 in hostile fire. Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1, and 213 U.S. troops have died since then, including 113 in hostile fire.

There is no reliable source for Iraqi civilian or combatant casualty figures, either during the period of major combat or after May 1. The Associated Press reported an estimated 3,240 civilian Iraqi deaths between March 20 and April 20, but the AP reported that the figure was based on records of only half of Iraq's hospitals and the actual number was thought to be significantly higher.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/10/27/sprj.irq.main/index.html

"Their signature is all over it"?" 27.Oct.2003 14:31

just wondering

"I can say iran is obviously not happy about disclosing their chemical weapons plans... Their signature is all over it". What does this mean?

so when are you enlisting jonathan? 27.Oct.2003 14:42

also wondering

But first, to the first commenter, what he means is that he cannot imagine why a country currently under military occupation by another country would want to fight back against their occupiers. Besides, the US needs to invade Iran before Iraq gets further out of control and congress stops funding the war machine so their is a real agenda to try to pin the attacks on Iran right now. It's just bullshit propaganda and I wonder if jonathan actually believes what he posts or is just trying to use this as a forum to push bogus allegations. But hopefully if he does believe it he'll do the honorable thing and enlist and request duty in Iran. And he will have my complete support in doing that.

jonathan = tired propaganda flunkie 27.Oct.2003 14:55

republic of cascadia citizen

jonathan: please take your propaganda elsewhere. you add nothing to the debate, except to spread the tired regurgitated lies of your neo-con masters--just like mcnamara during the vietnam war, continuing to follow "policy" blindly at all costs and against all reason.

i know the graphic has been used many times before, but we are gonna keep using it as long as the bullshit keeps flowing from the mouths and other orifices of the bush cabal.
tellin it like it is...
tellin it like it is...

Operation Akhonda Out 27.Oct.2003 16:17

Jonathan simon_bolivar_el_liberator@yahoo.com

Remember that the World community is contributing money now to rebuild Iraq (When Bangladesh one of the poorest countries in the World is giving 500,000 tones of tea bags to help the people of Iraq, Iranian government says that they will send more visitors to Najaf, and Karbala for the holly visits in order to boost Iraq's economy!!!
You read between the lines yourself my comrade .

Those who can't see America succeeding in progress of fighting terrorism, bringing peace in Middle East, disarming the bad guys in the region, and surely NOT want to see Iraq on the path of recovery will do their worst now.

But in my humble opinion this is only a short-term problem. Few bombs here and there, after Iraqi people seeing their own daughters and son getting killed, they will hand us over these foreign fighters so we can take them to our private resort in Cuba and have our detail information in order to execute our plan. I think we should name it 'Operation Akhonda Out - Free Iran".

We should be just fine a year from now when the World experience the comfort and peace (Brought by who else than our commander in chief George .W. Bush) who is personally keeping his eyes firmly focused on every little move made by the terrorists.

At last, based on the popular Americans belief "Ask not what your country can do for you ... . Ask what you can do for your country" I may just volunteer for the call. Unlike many of you who neither know about the history of this land nor your responsibilities to it for me that was one of the conditions which needed to be fully understood upon my naturalization as a US citizen.

Jonathan -

P.S - A personal thank you to the IMC/PDX editorial staff for allowing me to post my comments again.

how long before your optimism fades? 27.Oct.2003 16:47

propaganda detector

"short-term problem" eh? I wonder what you'll be saying a year from now when there are many times more attacks. I figured due to your constant spelling and grammar errors that english must be a second language but something that you need to understand is that the "history" you were taught is not accurate or truthful. Check out "The Lies My Teacher Told Me" or "A People's History of the United States" to get a more accurate picture. Or spend some time reading up on the vietnam war or the american revolutionary war to learn about how people react to being invaded and occupied by a foreign nation. But if you believe in Bush's war you should sign up and fight it. You have every right to choose to die so that Dick Cheney can have a few hundred million more dollars and none of us will try to talk you out of it. It has often been the path of the soldier that has been the most effective to awaken people to the nature of imperialism. Perhaps it will do the same for you, or at least provide you with an important learning experience. So sign up now, and if you're right about their being peace in a year you won't even have to see combat so you've got nothing to lose.

You are wise, witty and wonderful, 27.Oct.2003 17:32

Jonathan simon_bolivar_el_liberator@yahoo.com

Yes I am still working on my English. Even though those books can be comforting to you, but I would like to stick with the real things and read history wrote by my true figures and heroes involved in it.


Jonathan -

You are wise, witty and wonderful,
but you spend too much time reading this sort of stuff.
James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me?

Beware of the man of one book.
~ Anonymous ~

And no of course 27.Oct.2003 17:49

Truth Seeker

This is not a quagmire like the Vietnam war. I'm glad the right people are in power.

awaiting an intelligent critique... 27.Oct.2003 18:11

propaganda detector

"I would like to stick with the real things and read history wrote by my true figures and heroes involved in it. "

And what would those be? After all, it's not like Bush ever fought in a war, nor did any of the people in his administration. But Howard Zinn fought in WW2. So who are the heroes and true figures? And who must resort to propaganda to cover their own shortcomings? It's not too hard to figure out.

Oh, and James Loewen has more than 1 book (as does Howard Zinn). Maybe you should actually read it if you want to critique it.

You can choose to remain ignorant but the opportunity to learn more is available to you. But you must decide to take it.

heck, it's not the Iranian's being this, it's the Lilliputians of Lilliput 27.Oct.2003 18:36

sharp as tacks

Heck, you're all wrong on this one! Everyone knows it's the Lilliputians of Liiliput thats behind this uprising in Baghdad. Remember the Lilliputians? The fictional account of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS by Jonathan Swift was about little people who'd got invaded by Gulliver and how they set about to trip his ass every which way they could, till at last they brought him down. Gulliver was the Imperialistic power that went "traveling" much like Bush has and the Lilliputian's are our modern-day Iraqi's who've been invaded, and just as in the book, as in real world, these people resent it. Why can't people see the truth? What is gained in jerk-kneed support of Bush? DEATH, DEATH, and DEATH! Me, I'm putting my bet on the Lilliputians and I'll bet it won't be long till they've tripped Gulliver's big ass but good!

This is really going to piss some people but 27.Oct.2003 19:36


The daily death toll in Iraq isn't that high by comparison to everyday non-combat deaths in the military as a whole, unless it is someone you know personally, then it's a different story. Each death is very unfortunate and measures are taken to prevent them, but they happen all the time.

When I was in the military, we routinely lost men/personnel to training accidents. Once during a two week desert combat training cycle at 29 Palms CA, We lost 4 people out of 5,000 men. 2 of heat stroke, one fell asleep under an Amphibious Tractor tying to avoid the July desert sun and got run over when they started it up. The other one was due to a live fire accident. Recruits in basic training die regularly in the US, of heart attacks, heat stroke, falls etc.

I don't take any deaths in the military lightly. But I have over the years known numbers of guys who have witnessed men being sucked into to the jet intake of an F-14 on an aircraft carrier flight deck, falling overboard and never being found again, being run over by a tank when running 5 miles in full gear in formation, then tripping and falling in front of an M-60, some opening the wrong high pressure steam valve aboard a ship, and the steam instantly decapitating another sailor and cauterizing the wound.

Not to mention, Suicides, murders, and just plain old accidents while on leave.

The only time it seems to make the national news is when it happens to more than one person at a time (i.e, 6 Marines killed and 2 missing in Helicopter accident off the coast of North Carolina ).

The only place you normally see these sorts of deaths reported are in the obituary section of local newspapers about some home town kid who is now dead.

The US military is quite tame compared to some others. The Soviet Army use to have a 1 percent rule. If at least 1 percent of their soldiers didn't die during combat training exercises, then the training was considered too soft and it was repeated or changed to accommodate the 1 percent rule.

Please don't assume that when one of these deaths occurs, the US military just shrugs its shoulders and says tuff shit. Each is reviewed multiple times to try and insure a safer training exercise, and if negligence is found, then the offenders are court martialed and sent to Ft. Leavenworth for a lengthy and unpleasant sentence.

My point is, don't expect this daily dribble of deaths due to combat in Iraq to create some major backlash against our policies there.

I think there is a deeply held belief in the White House that transcends oil, money, etc. And that Bush and his circle have almost a religious zealotry about them in the way the conduct the polices there. I think they truly believe that they are going to make the average Iraqi's lives better.

Supposedly, Bush is a deeply religious man, and if he truly believes that Saddham was Satan's representative here on earth and if he believes god put him in the White House for this purpose, then I would think he would sacrifice everything including his presidency to do "God's" work of ridding the world of evil.

I have no real idea if this is what drives Bush or not. For all I know its about oil.

I do hope the killing stops soon.

Responding to the propaganda detector 27.Oct.2003 19:57

Jonathan - simon_bolivar_el_liberator@yahoo.com

Since you have problem understanding me, let's see if you can make some sence from your colleague Bill Clinton.

Jonathan -

From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Here we go;

Parts of Bill Clinton farewell address

.............If the wars of the 20th century, especially the recent ones in Kosovo and Bosnia, have taught us anything, it is that we achieve our aims by defending our values and leading the forces of freedom and peace.

..............At this remarkable moment in history, more people live in freedom that ever before. Our alliances are stronger than ever. People all around the world look to America to be a force for peace and prosperity, freedom and security.

The global economy is giving more of our own people, and billions around the world, the chance to work and live and raise their families with dignity.

But the forces of integration that have created these good opportunities also make us more subject to global forces of destruction, to terrorism, organized crime and narco-trafficking, the spread of deadly weapons and disease, the degradation of the global environment.

.............As for me, I'll leave the presidency more idealistic, more full of hope than the day I arrived and more confident than ever that America's best days lie ahead.

............But there is no title I will wear more proudly than that of citizen.

............Thank you. God bless you, and God bless America.

rhetoric without end... 28.Oct.2003 01:15

propaganda detector

"The daily death toll in Iraq isn't that high by comparison to everyday non-combat deaths in the military as a whole"

While you have a valid point wb, you're also neglecting that in the 2 years since the US invaded Afghanistan more US troops have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq than were killed in Vietnam in 1963 and 1964. Invasions and occupations historically start out with low casualty counts because it takes time to organize a strong resistance (and the will to resist, people always hope for the best and think their occupier will leave of their own free will which is exceptionally rare historically).

To address jonathan's delusional ranting one more time: What makes you think Clinton is my "comrade" when he is clearly yours. Clinton succeeding in killing far more Iraqi civilians than Bush has so far (and Bush would have a hard time keeping up, not that he isn't trying). Clinton is just another lying war criminal as far as I'm concerned and if their were any justice both he and both Bushes would be locked away for life in a prison or mental institution. Perhaps one day enough people will wake up and see these "men" as either criminals or insane, or both. That day may not be too far off... Just watch how quickly the support for the war has dropped and extrapolate to 1 year from now. People are already pissed off; they are going to be livid a year from now. And I don't think television will be enough to pacify them, especially with the news channels smelling blood from this administration.

But listening to me won't change your mind, it's time for you to enlist and learn for yourself what US imperialism is all about. If you survive your tour you should come back and post your experiences here.

good point propaganda detector 28.Oct.2003 09:14

ranger; AKA B.S. Detector

Valid points. Clinton was a war criminal. He surely made up for not serving in the military. Sucking up to the Republicans? His aide Madeline Nonetobright, let us not forget, thought it was a worthy price to pay (all those dead children) in Iraq for the sanctions. Go ahead boys and girls and enlist. When you return, if you're not crazy, post here your findings. I guarantee you'll sing a different tune. It's a big myth that combat soldiers care about how the American public views the war. If you are truly in a fighting unit, you could give a rats ass about who's for or against the war or what Bush as to say.

propaganda detector 28.Oct.2003 21:37


The comparison between Vietnam in the early 1960's and Afghanistan and Iraq, aren't really relevant.

In 1962 we only had 700 military advisers in Vietnam, buy the end of 1963 it had increased to 15,000. That's far shy of how many troops we had in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 24 months or so.

It wasn't until about 1965 that we put a significant level of personnel into Vietnam.

Plus the Viet Minh, and Viet Cong were fighting the French for years before we entered into fight, so the guerrilla organization, training and tactics had been going on since the Japanese invaded Vietnam during WWII.

The combatants in Iraq seem to consist mostly of "out-of-towners" who are drawn to Iraq by the appeal of a chance to kill Americans on the ground. Something that most of them don't have an opportunity to do in their native countries, and don't have access to American targets anywhere else.

This may sound cold-blooded, but one unmentioned but obvious reason we are in Iraq is to allow this very thing to happen.

In other words, out troops are being used somewhat as live bait, to draw these people out into a fight, and kill them, so these same combatants don't end up coming to the United States and killing American Civilians.

Whether you believe the US should be in Iraq and Afghanistan or not, you must admit, that US combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan or much more prepared to handle a surprise guerrilla attack than a bunch of workers in a downtown Manhattan office building are.

Consider what happened in WWII before the US entered it. North Africa was basically chosen as the battlefield of choice by both Germany and England in the same way two people about to enter into a physical fight, want to "step out side" to proceed, rather than tear up their own house in the process. The Germans and British didn't want to destroy their own countries (at least at that point in the war), so they chose an open, barren place that allow them to have at each other.

Perhaps this is not a good illustration of what is happening now, but during the early days of the battle for Baghdad, The US used psch-ops units that drove around Baghdad and other cities with loud speakers blaring insults and rude jokes directed at the followers of Saddham and Bin Laden. The insults were obviously to draw the supporters out in the open, and I can't believe that actually fell for it, but a lot did. The insults were something a kin to "Followers of Saddam have little boy penises and their woman wish they had a real man."

This drew them out and a battle ensued.

My understanding is that a large percentage of the Iraqis who were in the streets were laughing at the jokes and this helped anger the Saddham and Bin Laden combatants.