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Our Soldiers Need Books

Our Soldiers Need Books: Send Them Some. We Would Recommend Ivins, Conason, Franken and Corn to Begin With. But Anything Will Do.
It's a strange situation. Other than praying for them, and perhaps calling attention to the mendacity and duplicity that put them there in the first place, there doesn't seem to be much we on the homefront can do to help the brave American men and women who are being shot at every day over in Iraq.

Our most profound wish is that they could come home tomorrow. Given the current political climate, however, that is impossible.

So we were somewhat gladdened this week when we received an e-mail from Michael Spencer, a Buffalo librarian. His son, Capt. David Spencer, is an officer with the 173rd Airborne, one of the hardest-charging outfits in the whole of the military. The young captain had no complaints, but a simple request.

"Lots of guys here read novels," he wrote his father. "A lot of them spend time sitting in safe houses where they have time to read. I've heard mention of a book exchange, where people could drop off and pick up books. I'm getting a bookcase to put in our front 'lobby,' and now we will need some books.

"I will have room for up to about 200 novels or so, and would like to get a bunch of books to start them. Suppose they don't all have to be novels, as long as it's interesting reading. Classics are fine, as these guys read just about anything they can get their hands on."

So what do you say, Niagara? Let's get these people some books. Not only are they being shot at on our behalf, but it's 120 degrees over there and Iraq is notoriously devoid of nightlife.

It's not very expensive. Just put your book in an envelope and send it to:

CPT David Spencer
Task Force 1-63 Armor
c/o 173rd Airborne Brigade
APO AE 09347

Tell the person at the post office you want the "media mail" rate, and it'll be cheaper than if you were sending it to Williamsville. You also might want to include a little note thanking Capt. Spencer and his comrades for their sacrifices.

The first shipment left the Reporter offices late last week. We're counting on you to make sure it's not the last.


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I've got a few ... 27.Oct.2003 01:49

but they're not novels...

the best democracy money can buy
fortunate son
the fire this time
metal of dishonor
peoples history of the united states

these are just a few titles i'd be willing to send to the troops in iraq. since they got all that time on their hands and all.

You want some books?! 27.Oct.2003 02:16


Oh, more heartwarming "patriotic" propaganda to show how the Democraps support "our" troops from that Democrap controlled website, Buzzflash. You want to send some books for your war criminals? How about that one book by Daniel Hopsicker about how many of the 9-11 hijackers were trained at AMERICAN MILITARY BASES for the past several years. leading up to 9-11?!

I bet that would blow the minds of the indoctrinated troops about the entire fraudulent nature of the phony "War on Terror" in general, and make them start questioning WHO REALLY DID 9-11. Hint: they are holed up in the Pentagon and Langley, Virgina.

The Leap 27.Oct.2003 03:14


Probably one of the hardest leaps I have had to make is that these soilders over in Iraq have been duped just like most Americans. Whati s worse is that they are being made to KILL for the Bush/Corporate agenda. Of course they made the decision to sign up, most of them in the hope of maybe finding a better life for themselves, and we all know how recruiters exploit this. Considering the current economic situation, it is even easier for the military to seduce the unwary. What I feel is probably needed here is compassion for these people. Are they not also victims of Bush's lies? As a roommateof mine put it (who is an ex Marine) "just because I fought in a war, (the last Gulf War) doesn't mean I support one."

I know some good reads 27.Oct.2003 06:54


If only they would not censor the books I would send. These most unfortunate people really are ready for some truth. They need the ability to make sense out of all the propaganda that has been fed to them since the day they were born. You see if they didn't believe the propaganda they would never have enlisted to begin with. So a deprogramming book would be just what the doctor ordered except the gate keepers would not let the soldiers get any of this medicine for their minds.

I may honor his request 27.Oct.2003 08:38


Since I was in the 173rd Abn Bde in Vietnam, (and they are the one of the best units ever) I will send them books so they can learn about the frauds that sent them there in the first place.

Excellent idea 27.Oct.2003 18:12


My son is in Iraq, and I send him books regularly. He signed up for the Oregon National Guard when he was 19 and his main motivation was to get money to go to college. I told him it wasn't a good idea, and I didn't support it, but unfortunately he went ahead and signed up. He was under the impression that the National Guard would never get sent to war, and all he'd have to do was one weekend a month. He's opposed to the war and has a lot of despair and inner conflict about the situation he's in. His friend is there too, a young African American man, age 20, who was the first one in his family to complete high school. So, send them all the books you can! Anything that will help them see some hope and cause them to question society, the government, the class system, war, etc. I have sent books by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, also Thoreau's Civil Disobedience. My son also requested books on Buddhism and philosophy, which I have sent. He says he's read some of them two or three times. He wants the books he'd be reading if he were in school. So I think this is an awesome idea. I'm out in the streets protesting every week & I send my son the pictures of protests, also IndyMedia articles. There are lots of kids there, who don't want to be there, and a whole lot of anti-Bush sentiment from what my son tells me.

American Poltiical Weasels 27.Oct.2003 23:32


"Probably one of the hardest leaps I have had to make is that these soilders over in Iraq have been duped just like most Americans. Whati s worse is that they are being made to KILL for the Bush/Corporate agenda. '

Well, well,well. Know that the shit has the fan and Americans are getting THEIR ASSES KICKED BY THE IRAQI FREEDOM FIGHTERS, mainstream American cocksuckers are predictably coming up their alibies and lies to justify why they supported the war.

You and your war criminal troops were duped. Yeah right. Too bad this is bullshit. There were many people, including Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Scott Ritter--not to mention the massive Antiwar protests--who all exposed most of these Lies used to justify this war BEFORE THE INVASION EVEN STARTED.

The alibi that poor little inoocent Americans were "duped" by that evil George W. Bush doesn't fly.

This is nothing more than attempt for the Good Americans to weasel off the work and put the blame all on George W. Bush.

Yet another pathetic American Alibi and excuse.

BTW, you are not fighting for the so-called "Bush/Corporate Agenda" (whatever the hell this empty propaganda phrase means), you are fighting for the American Empire in general.

American wars are NOT fought because of the whims of one man or one group of people, they are fought for American Evil Empire in general.

If it were simply about the "Bush/Corporate agenda," why did all of those Democrats support the invasion of Iraq? Why did John Kerry, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, Joseph Lieberman and other Demorats support this War Crime?

Because they were "duped"? Get real. They supported it because they believe in, benefit from, and support the American Empire in general.

Just like most of Mainstream America in general...

How About This Book? 28.Oct.2003 02:52

Barnes and Noble

Go to the following link for a Must-Read book that everyone patriotic American solder should read. It will move you to tears.

Here is a picture of the author of this VERY IMPORTANT BOOK. Can you guess who she is? I betcha don't recognize her!

Hope It Goes Directly Into Remainders 29.Oct.2003 20:32

Disgusted Viet Vet

I am sick to death of having Private Jessica Lynch shoved in the public's face. She is not a hero. She was a victim and - as later reports showed - never in any danger. Her "rescue" was unnecessary and veterans of previous conflicts are outraged that she was showered with awards and praise and called her State's "greatest war hero" for basicly being in a vehicle accident and spending some time in an Iraqi hospital. Lynch had only been in Iraq a very short time when the vehicle she was riding in overturned. She was not a combat soldier. She seemed embarrassed at the hoopla when she returned and at first I thought she showed real grace and restraint. But with the appearance of a ghost-written book, it's pretty obvious she's been talked into going after the money while the going is good. A book about Jessica Lynch's feats of derring-do in Iraq . . . Is it more than 3 pages long?