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single-payer shouldn't isn't more expensive

We are already paying More than European's Do.
I just wanted to mention that the US spends twice as much on health care as canada does and 40% more than the next biggest spender.

If you took the current cost of health care premiums, about $1000 a month for a family of four, and considred it to be part of your taxes, you would get the same sort of taxes that they pay in Europe. If you make 50,000, then you are taking almost 25%. And, if you have to pay co-pays and deductibles, you are talking even more. And, if you get sick, you pay even more yet.

The magic of single-payer is that everyone pays for health care. That means the risk is spread out among more people which reduces costs. Additionally, under single-payer, utilization rates of equipment would be used to decide if more capacity should be added.

Go Dennis!, Go!

Why can't at least one politician tell the truth about health care?

I consider my politics far to the right of most of the people on this website, but I have to admit that Kucinich has the best heath care ideas of any of the candidates running. But even he can't seem to bring himself to tell people that a National single payer system like they have in Europe won't be cheap, and everyone especially the middle class will have to spend more of their money to pay for it.
so where does it go? 27.Oct.2003 06:34


so where does all that extra EU tax money go?