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Sadly failed again

The prime target Wolfowitz responsible for thousands of deads, sadly escapes again a deadly strike but the jewish homicidal strategist looked shaken and his heart drops very fast into his boots
It is even a difference to plan a war or to smell the war

Iraq/Baghdad 26.10.2003: A rocket attack on the al-Rashid Hotel, which was playing host to US deputy Defence Secretary & Felon Paul Wolfowitz, erased 1 U.S. Tantalizer lieutenant colonel and injured a further 15 in one of the most brazen resistance attacks in Iraq to date. A total of 29 rockets were fired early this morning at the Baghdad hotel. Seven US civilians were wounded, four military tantalizer were injured, along with four foreign nationals," a US tantalizer spokesperson said at a news conference. Unconfirmed reports said that among the injured were US Defence Department employees. The war criminal Wolfowitz and other senior aides were staying on the 12th floor when the building was attacked at around 0300 GMT. The prime target Wolfowitz responsible for thousands of deads, sadly escapes again a deadly strike but the jewish homicidal strategist looked shaken when he addressed reporters a few hours later. The rockets destroyed rooms below the 12th floor. Six to eight rockets struck the landmark building when the volley of rockets soared over the cement barricade walls meant to seal off the headquarters from resistance fighters waging war on US forces. A number of holes adorned the hotel's western side, between the second and tenth floors. The attack occurred after a white truck, carrying three people, pulled up to the Zawra park some 400 meters from the building and deposited a trailer. Inside was hidden a homemade rocket launcher disguised as a generator, a US officer said, citing the military's initial reports. The resistance fighters left the trailer after having primed a timing device which fired the rockets no more than three to five minutes later. There were 40 rockets total, 29 of them were fired and 11 rockets were left in the home-made rocket launcher. It was a combination of 85 and 68-millimetre rockets.

The butt of US military tantalizer is really wide open

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

jewish homicidal strategist 26.Oct.2003 15:19


This is antisemitic and should probably be removed. One can say he promotes the Zionist agenda, but he does not speak for Jews. I dislike him as much as the next person. But attacking him as a jewish person is wrong. He is liar and a murder. Jewish people are highly diverse and should not be grouped with the likes of him.

indymedia 26.Oct.2003 17:53

it's crook

indymedia can be seriously bent at times - aren't adults on had to filter this sort of thing?

I agree! 26.Oct.2003 18:22


While I don't fault the general theme of this posting, I think it's more apt to describe him as "Zionist" rather than a "jewish" as there is a significant difference. The term "jewish" tends towards all inclusiveness that implies all those who are jews would be associated with him values, whereas the term "Zionist" is more restrictive and more inclusive of those that are likely to be associated with his thinking, his value system, and his craziness. Make sense?

How's the Cabal Doin' in Iraq? 26.Oct.2003 19:50


Another Coat
Another Coat

This is anti-Semitic. Is Indy Media Portland asleep or complicit? 26.Oct.2003 21:34

Not a medic

The original post is anti-Semitic. It should be composted.

Wolfowitz is a war criminal. He should be tried. But the charges would be the same whether he was Christian or Jew. As should be apparent, he is in Iraq to represent the invading/occupying United States, not any other country.

But is Indy Media Portland going to allow this post to remain or is it going to attempt to argue that it is okay to use religious slurs here?

Is the Indy Media collective willing to defend this or are you just busy this Sunday? It's been over six hours since the original post appeared.

And yes, I would be happy to appear at any meeting to discuss why this is offensive, wrong and why it will discredit Indy Media to allow it to remain up.

facts 26.Oct.2003 23:33


> The original post is anti-Semitic.

While it might not be the most relevant piece of information, Wolfowitz is Jewish. The article doesn't say that he's a homocidal strategist *because* he's Jewish (a statement which I think could reasonably be called anti-semitic), just that he's Jewish and a homocidal strategist.

On the other hand, many articles here tag Lars Larson, foul creature that he is, with any number of unpleasant epithets and use language like "privileged white male" to justify them (a rather clear case of classism, racism, and sexism) and no one says boo about it. Why the double standard?

Wolfowitz is America as Apple Pie 27.Oct.2003 02:24


Wolfowitz may be a Zionist and is a Jew. But he serves the interests of the American Empire through and through.

The White Mainstream controlled "antiwar "movement is showing its true colors when it allows American Nationalists ranting about how the "Jews secretly control America" to infilitrate the antiwar movement and promote their propaganda.

Anti-Semitism in American not only has a long and proud history but historically has served a very important political purpose. Namely, to coopt and channel any opposition to American Imperialism towards scapegoating the Jews (who are the real ones to blame as they are the ones behind the Zionist Occupation Government).

Just ask people like Pat Buchanan and Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com.

Censorship Potential 27.Oct.2003 05:58


This sentence is particularly disturbing:

"The butt of US military tantalizer is really wide open"

Of course Wolfowitz is a zionist. Whatta ya expect?

But that sentence! Oy!

Will someone from Indymedia please explain why this is still here? 27.Oct.2003 11:34

DJ Shadow

I agree--this post is anti-semitic and should be removed.
If it's not, someone should explain why.

Please stop bashing jews 27.Oct.2003 12:07

Really I mean it

I've noticed an ugly trend on the left lately. There has been an awful lot of anti-semitism going on and I don't understand it. What is up? Jews aren't to blame for the murders in Palestine, a small group of assholes in Israel are (well,actually,the US is,ultimately). They just happen to be Jewish.

I noticed another trend among young activists today that really creeps me out: young radicals seem to be against social programs like welfare and disability. Maybe this is an anarchy thing but I don't get it. If we don't help needy people, should we just let them die?!????!!!???

am i anti-semitic? 27.Oct.2003 12:57

just a jew

I didn't find this to be anti-semitic at all. I agree that Wolfowitz is a "jewish homicidal strategist". To me, something that is anti-semitic is either an attack on a race of people, which this is not since it is focused on an individual, or a comment that is disparaging because someone is jewish. But this article doesn't say Wolfowitz is bad because he's a jew, or that jews are bad because Wolfowitz is a jew. It's just an opinion about one person who is indeed jewish. I mean, if I say Bush is a christian war monger am I attacking christians? In my opinion I'm pointing out that a person who I consider a war monger is christian, and that fact is relevant enough to be worth pointing out. It is relevant that Bush is christian just as it is relevant that Wolfowitz is jewish because those religious beliefs (or dogmas if you will) inform their world view and their decisions. I know what anti-semitism looks like, and I know that people can try to sneak it in under the guise of legitimate critique of the state of Israel, but this just isn't it to me. And I worry that when we start saying things like this are anti-semitic we dilute what anti-semitism really is. For me, if this is what anti-semitism was I couldn't care less about it.

JUST A JEW is right 27.Oct.2003 17:04

Sharp as Tacks

JUST A JEW's posting above is right and his useage of the term "jewish"--as he did--it simply correct! So those of you that objects, find another bone to chew (or is case of some, a pig to f**k!)

Just a Jew 27.Oct.2003 18:18


I've probably been on sf imc too long - the anti-semitism crowd is fanatical on there and pushes all sorts of myths and slander. You get sort of trained after awhile that ever pointing out that anyone is Jewish is antisemitic if it's associated with something negative. So my automatic assumption is that it's anti-semitic as soon as I see that. Thanks for your opinion.

Wolfowitz is an AMERICAN homicidal strategist 27.Oct.2003 23:42


The original post is only half-right about Wolfowitz. Paul Wolfowitz is a homicidal strategist alright--an *AMERICAN* homicial strategist.

Wolfowitz may be a Zionist and a Jew, but he ACTS IN THE INTERESTS OF THE American Empire through and through.